Four months! The length of my last relationship! Not a long time, but long enough for it to mean something!

I have ignored this poor blog because college. Really, that’s my only reason. I have to read so much for classes that my brain is worded out every night before I can write anything. But I have made some changes in the past four months, so this hiatus has indeed meant something.

In my Intro to English class, I learned that art should be surprising, but make sense. In that way, my life so far has kind of been like art. I came into college thinking one thing and have shifted at least 90 degrees in my thinking since then. (I guess…I don’t ever have to take a math class again, so who cares?)

I came into college as an English major. Why? Because I’m good at it, and because I like reading and writing. Once I finally got to take English major-specific courses this semester, I couldn’t stop thinking, Is this it? I felt dead-ended in my freshman year – that’s a red flag. I asked myself what I would do if I could, and the answer was make films…

….I’m a film major now!

I kept an English minor because storytelling is what I love to do, but my medium changed. It was a surprise to myself, but once I changed my major and started planning my schedule for next year, it felt so natural. And I can finally justify how much TV, movies and videos I want to watch. (It’s research!)

Plus, I don’t know how many times I’ve asked myself and whoever else was around whilst watching a program, “I wonder how they filmed that,” “I wonder how many takes that took,” “How did they come up with that?!” I WANT TO ANSWER THAT!!

So if you stick with this blog some more, maybe I can give you all my own answers to my own questions. In any case, anything I do artistically will either be with the sketch comedy show on campus, Temple Smash; on my Vimeo account, samanthala; on my Instagram, @s.l.auman; or right here on let’s be extraordinary! It kind of blows my mind that I’ve written this blog for almost five years now, and it finally feels like I am getting the hang of my life. I’m sifting through the pieces of myself gradually, and I feel like I’ve got maybe a corner completely put together! I’m starting to look like something!


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