When I consider my favorite season, I have never, ever said spring. I’ve lusted for the warmth and freedom of summer, the cozy festivities of winter, the savory, leafy, hearty autumn, but never the growth and newness of spring. I am having an absolute ball right now, though, so let me list the ways…

…because I’ve got my college decision-making off my back…

20140420_161627_Richtone(HDR) …because it’s so darn nice to not see snow…

I was laying on my deck when I took this. Gorgeous sky, no?

I was laying on my deck when I took this. Gorgeous sky, no?

Hey, I'll take rain over snow; anything but snow.

Hey, I’ll take rain over snow…anything but snow…

…because things finally are growing…

basil and cat, Tig

basil, other herbs, and cat, Tig

…because things are so darn cute in the springtime…

cat, Dust

cat, Dust


these adorable little flowers I saw sprouting at my work

…So many things are juicing my creativity right now, and my phone camera is one of them. It’s a goldmine to have decent pictures – they’re a bunch of words I don’t have to think of! I feel that my world becomes more interesting when I think of documenting it.

Also, I began creative writing class, and we are studying memoirs… I’m fascinated by them: one can write about one’s own life as if it were a narrative, and perhaps it may be closer to fiction than fact, and it can get published or read. That idea excites me to blog, and reinforces my love of blogs in general. For a while now, too, I’ve been very jealous of the writings of David Sedaris – he can tell embarrassing and funny stories from his life, past and present, and they become a book! I wanna do that! Sign me up!

I would love to get on a writing schedule, perhaps posting every Sunday – that’s the day I end up posting on most of the time – but I know a set schedule does not work for me. But really: now that the biggest decisions are out of the way, and I’m on a relatively smooth ride to high school graduation and extreme excitement, what else do I have to do? I have probably 20 ideas for blog posts right now, and it bugs me that I don’t write them.

Newton’s one law that states that an object in motion stays in motion, and an object at rest stays at rest (unless acted upon by an outside net force…or something like that) is true for creativity and work ethic; I haven’t much to do, and I’ve gone downhill extremely fast in my motivation to do anything – even to catch up on TV that I missed – but I have oodles of time to do it! “Sam, it’s time to get your butt moving,” I say, whilst drowning in couch cushions. “Get serious. Get pumped!” Anyone have any good self pep-talks that I can write enormously on my bedroom walls and laptop to remind myself to get the heck up and working? (perhaps just that – “Get the heck up” – would work…hmm…)

So, since I am out of practice in writing in prose, and in nice paragraphs of thought, here is a list of updates and realizations to finish out this jumbled post of catching up – since the last time I posted was winter….

  • Sunday is one of my favorite days
  • Spring is one of my favorite seasons
  • Cats are some of my favorite animals
  • Soul music is one of my favorite genres
  • I’m wary of picking any definite favorites, besides my favorite song, “Got to Give it Up,” by Marvin Gaye; and favorite food, chocolate (only the good stuff…*so picky*)
  • I don’t have a good memory (I thought I did, alas…)
  • I don’t like eating dairy, so I don’t.
  • I love being barefoot; it is one of the things that makes me happiest.
  • I am very, very jealous of the writings and adventures of this blogger, Cabinet of Curiosities
  • I am lazy.
  • I am built specifically to be a writer, body and soul (as one of my writing heroes, Kate Chopin, would say)
  • I am a poor musician, but it’s fun when I try anyway; I like it so much, but not enough to practice
  • With a smartphone, it’s so easy to think I’m good at photography…
  • I have too small of a brain for my own good; I need to alter that old saying: I’ve got an imagination bigger than my brain.
  • Cooking makes me so happy.
  • I think my hair is my best feature. I also stare at other people’s hair when it looks really nice, so if you catch me staring, it’s probably because your hair is beautiful. (Hair’s my favorite thing to draw, too, even though I’m a poor artist)
  • Snapchat also makes me very happy; some of my most prized photos are screenshots of my friends, because they’re a teeny creative, funny, and personal memory just from them.
  • I am too good at sympathizing that there are only a few things I have definite opinions on…but even those I can see both sides on. I’m such an observer that when it comes to defending my opinions, my only reasoning is “it works for me, so….yeah”
  • I love the sun!
  • I love yoga, too. I’m also not great at this, but I do feel physically and mentally better after each class I take.
  • I’m not good at a lot of things, but the fact that I know a little about a lot makes me a better observer and question-asker.
  • Questions are my social currency. I deal in questions, and my reward is interesting answers that show the different perspectives of different people.
  • Also, since I’m an amateur at most things, but I know enough to ask questions and have conversations with people that are actually good at those things, I can live vicariously through their answers.
  • I need to do a food post real bad because I have so much ammo…
  • This whole list is a great list of post ideas…
  • List-making could be a writer’s block un-blocker…
  • I gotta get writin’!

Whether this list means anything to you, it is some bit of my brain that I intend to remember. Anyway, see you sometime soon.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from this beautiful weekend. Happy spring, Easter, whatever you’re celebrating. Life, hopefully.

dog, Bean

dog, Bean



what dreams are made of

what dreams are made of

I thought this lemon looked really pretty, so...

I thought this lemon looked really pretty, so…


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