What started out as a revision to my About page turned into a post.

I love to think.

I find it exhilarating. And it is safe to assume that I treat it like a hobby. Haven’t you ever just turned something over in your mind, examining it at every angle, and went “into” yourself so far that you neglected your other senses in order to ponder? I do that a lot. Then I write about it.

My writing process involves approximately 50 times more thinking time than writing time. If I don’t allow at least a week for an idea to simmer in my head, it comes out undercooked, and most likely tastes that way to the reader. I don’t like to do that. As the title of this blog reads, why would I allow anything less than the extraordinary?

If this sounds like high standards to you, perhaps I should explain more: extraordinary is something that means enough to me that I’ve spent a week with it, gotten it on paper (or webpage) and still think it’s fascinating or important. Shouldn’t everything we deem extraordinary be that way? I think so.

Take the “classics” of almost any “thing” out there, and you’ll see. What stands the test of time? The relevant things! Sure, sometimes I produce some dud posts, but if I hadn’t gotten them out of the way, I wouldn’t have made room for the excellent stuff. And it’s time I accept myself as an excellent writer – I have some swag, I admit. I don’t care what else you might say – I have deep-thinking, intellectual swag. (I’ve just invented that because I’m quite certain that is non-existent at the moment. Wink.) And it’s because I write all the time. Practice.

Writing is just an extension of my thinking. It is making my thoughts concrete. And I absolutely LOVE that about writing because I think it is amazing to be able to rewind my mind and review what I thought about, and to see if I still agree with it, or want to modify it. I don’t have the brain-space to remember all that stuff anyway!

That’s why I journal, blog, make stories, email, send letters, etc. Because it’s an extension of my thoughts. Also, because I’m not suited to think aloud. Writing is more natural to me because I’m quite a visual thinker. When I speak in German, I see the words spelled in my head. When I listen to others speak, I see those words spelled in my head. The problem is, when I’m trying to explain things to people, I don’t see the words spelled in my head and I find it problematic. That inner-spelling is my safety net – it gives me something to look at and follow when I speak. (That’s why I have trouble looking you in the eye when I’m speaking my mind or explaining something…because I’m looking for it, and it’s not on your face.)

Writing also explains me to myself. Just like somewhere in Shakespeare, it is said that “Theater holds a mirror up to nature,” my writing holds a mirror up to me. I can see myself better when the constant tornado of thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas comes out and I can see it. I often forget to look in the glass mirror – I don’t wear makeup, so the only reason I look it to make sure my outfit matches – but I constantly use my writing-mirror to check in on myself.

(And, to apply this to other aspects of life: music relieves me from my words and gives me a new way to think about things; German gives me a different way to say things – as does any foreign language – and that excites me; and cooking nourishes a sense that I don’t otherwise use or value, and it connects me to my physical body because I’m always favoring that whirlwind mind I have. As you can see, I’m very efficient with my hobbies.)

That’s why I write and call this blog “Let’s be extraordinary.” Because my writing is an extraordinary tool. If I thought I took extraordinarily meaningful and explanatory photographs, this blog would be a photoblog. If I thought my poetry and rhyme mirrored myself, then I would be all poetry. But I think my writing takes me to the extraordinary; and if it ever were to not, I would stop writing and this blog would need a new name. I’ve said before, I’m extraordinarily honest, whether I like it or not, so that makes my writing even more telling than anything I will ever say – because this is how I get the true mirror-image of myself, and so you will to, by reading me.



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