MOAR good news

Found this picture while browsing blogs and thought is was superb.


So, isn’t it something that my birthday post also happened to be my 100th post here on LBE?! This calls for a celebration!

Go out and be as extraordinary as me, by:

  • High-fiving strangers
  • High-fiving anyone, really
  • Buying a party hat, or hat of some sort that you can party in
  • Learn some fun sayings in a different language that you can yell to the world, such as: Ich bin eine Katze (I am a cat) or Blumenkohl mag Tanzen (Cauliflower likes to dance…you didn’t know?)
  • Make a ton of dessert and invite a bunch of people over to eat it
  • Start naming inanimate objects, to feel closer to your possessions (I think I’ve named my guitar Elsa and for some reason I started calling the trumpet I’m borrowing Heiko)
  • Create art as surprise gifts for people
  • Then mail your art to them so it’s even more surprising!
  • Do some yoga and meditation to get inner peace up in yo’ noodle.
  • Don’t try to talk ghetto/gangsta
  • Listen to unnecessarily loud music and dance around (with your cauliflower)
  • Write a celebratory post on your blog that doesn’t make much sense for no reason but to celebrate!

Thanks for reading me and pretending that I’m hilarious. I will continue to believe that I am hilarious anyway. 100 posts is FLIPPIN’ SWEET, to quote Napoleon Dynamite, my hero. It’s a BFD that I shall milk until school starts next week… maybe after then, we’ll see how long my party senses are tingling.




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