Tooting my own horn

You know what’s hilarious? Save for the snare, I can or will play all of these instruments. (I guess, save for the singing, too.) I can be a one-girl-band! But that’s no fun.

Anyway, I was inspired to write this post because lo-and-behold I FINALLY have a trumpet in my possession! Hoopla, praise the Lord! I am borrowing from a friend’s brother who generously donated to my cause (yes, I am a cause). I cleaned the thing (success!) then tried to play, along with some professional Youtube help. While I think I did okay, my lips died within 15 minutes. And I’m quite sure I was flat. Definitely not a C.

Nevertheless, my only goal is to be able to play at least ONE stand tune for marching band. Just one! Preferably one that goes along with the football games, like our touchdown song or first down song or “random noise”. All I want is something to contribute, if only one song. It gets boring, plus we have two actual cymbal players this year, so I have nothing to play in the stands. Nothing. Actually, correction: I will have one song to play on trumpet – hallelujah!

The lucky thing is, I’m pretty sure the most talented section in the band is the trumpet section (no disrespect to the other musicians, it’s just a generalization), so if I really stink, I can just play quieter than the rest of them! Also, I have about 4 friends who play trumpet that I can ask for help, and a few more who play other horns, so I think I can achieve my goal, yes?

Finally, I will be away until Monday, and I don’t feel like bringing my laptop – so HA. Just kidding. But seriously. My posts are scarce enough so my absence probably won’t feel too abnormal, right? I have a book or two to report on when I get back, so hang tight!


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