A noteworthy note

Aloha! I have a quick post for you today!


So first, be sure to check out the two new pages I’ve created (and the changes I’ve made to the navigation menu). Blogroll is a page containing links to my favorite blogs so far. Music I’m Digging is pretty self-explanatory. I will just add on more music as I listen to it, so the older entries will remain there. I just HAD to get music into my blog some way or another. Plus, it motivates me to keep finding new music that is vair, vair cool.

I took away Short Stories and the Home page because I feel like my pages got wider and you see less of my background. I love my background and thought it was pretty visible before. I wonder what happened. I tried minimizing the amount of items on the menu to see if it would reverse the issue, but it didn’t. If anyone has any tips for making the part of the page that sits on top of the background narrower, please let me know!!

Next thing: I’ve come up with two replacement goals on my 20 before 20 list! Remember in this post, I mentioned that I wanted to replace number 6) Write enough songs to fill at least an EP, if not an LP. and number 8) Have my blog achieve some sort of fame? The replacements are officially deemed…


Number 6. Form a band!

Number 8. Get a job!
Aren’t those spiffy replacements? I am still the traditional teenage aspiring musician. I wanna be in a band. On the contrary, not a rock band. Ideally, it’d be a jazz/latin/funk/rock/blues/fusion/hip-hop/whatever goes band. But as long as I find a great group of people that I connect with, I will be happy!

Lastly, I need a job. I want a job. I’ve applied. I will continue to apply. I want me some moolah.

…to save, of course.



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