Wouldn’t it be great to have someone write a blog about exactly what you feel like reading?

It would be great.

But, unfortunately, we don’t all have brain-twins out there who like to write blogs and enjoy researching 24/7 to bring the latest news and underground info about what you feel like reading. That’s where being an introvert who likes research, reading, and writing, and who spends a lot of time thinking about her own personal identity and interests comes in handy.

I can write that all by myself.

My perfect blog would be about:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Vegan lifestyle and cooking
  • German language and Germany
  • a bit of world and local news (because Lord knows I need to catch up with what’s going on outside my own head)
  • a bit of music – just a bit. I just can’t get into music writing that much. Music is much better audio rather than text, don’t you think?
  • Other languages
  • various fitness things, like yoga, meditation, bicycle riding, whatever…
  • Movies
  • various hip things to do/that happened, like taking a walk by yourself, or talking to an cute old man on a train who happened to share your passion for watercolors, or your first day at your new job…or something.
  • and magical pieces of advice that flick a light on in my head!

You see, I am totally a renaissance woman.

Anyway, so I guess I must commit to making the best blog to read EVER – on my own terms. So prepare for a whirl-wind of posts that don’t exactly coincide with each other – they make perfect sense in my own head – but totally rule!

*I actually considered putting all of those terms in Google and watching what came out…but the more specific you get on Google, the less relevant results come up. (Google-frequenters, you know what I mean.)

hipster cat

and here is a picture I disagree with – cats were cool before it required beanies and square glasses to prove so.


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