happy birthday, America!

Since it’s her birthday, I’ve prepared a few reasons why being American is cool sometimes.

English: Fireworks on the Fourth of July, 2009...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. America kindled Rock ‘n’ Roll and actually gave birth to Jazz.
  2. American English takes words from basically every language out there. Just like America herself is a melting pot of cultures, so it is with her language. Also, American English has many dialects in each part of the country, so sometimes you can’t even understand what your fellow American is saying.
  3. Americans love foreign people. Being American makes foreign people just THAT much more exotic. If you’ve got an accent, we will think you’re pretty cool.
  4. I don’t know about other languages – or British English – but Americans use nouns as verbs. A LOT. For instance:
    – microwave
    – toast
    – box
    – game
    – Facebook
    – friend
    – Google
    – shell
    – barbeque
    – lace
    – ball
    – pencil
    – pen
    – dig
    – and more!
  5. America is truly the melting pot. It’s kind of exciting to think of how many different backgrounds are in America. I think America is one of the only places where asking, “What’s your descent?” doesn’t precede an obvious answer. Heck, even different states and sections of the country are like foreign nations. In fact, just from going city to city is like traveling through different countries. I used to think America had no culture, but she technically has too many cultures to count. It’s very difficult to make a sweeping generalization about America (as an American) because I would be leaving people out in every attempt. America’s too big.
  6. Saturday Night Live. ‘Nuff said.


It took me until a few years ago to realize every Fourth of July is celebrating getting away from England. I always called it 4th of July, not Independence Day, so I never made the connection…I think the holiday should just be called Nationwide BBQ Day and we should all bake birthday cakes for America, candles and all. (But we get to make the wishes.)

So, in conclusion: Happy 236th, America. You don’t look a day over 100.


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