Some Qs

For the longest time, I have been asking myself:

What should I blog about?

I also know that it doesn’t really matter. Furthermore, I know that putting barriers or guidelines on what I should write about makes me uncomfortable and frustrated. (“I’m a peacock, you gotta let me fly!”)

Another thing I know is that while guidelines make me fidget, a genre or theme applied to my blog will make me feel more sure-footed and stronger in my writing. These past few posts have been rather haphazard and random, I must admit. I’m not partial to that kind of writing because it makes my ideas feel weak and rambling. If I just had a regular schedule and theme…

Finally, I know something I’m good at: narrowing things down.

(Here we go…)

I don’t have a camera, nor do I have the patience to deal with a camera or take pictures. I don’t even know what I’d take a picture of; I also would forget to save them to my computer and blog about them. But I like the way photos in a blog post look; they kind of break it up and help different ideas transpire without words. I think I’d have to draw pictures or something, if I wanted to include them. I’m not savvy in copyright, so if I ever wanted to have, say, my sister take pictures or myself take pictures, I wouldn’t want them stolen or copied. I really, really do like photo-driven blogs, though. So I will just read about that for now.

I don’t do many interesting things. Yes, I find them interesting, but it’s hard to convey hanging out with friends or listening to a great song on a blog. As much as I love music, I find it hard to write about it without seeming corny or hard to relate to. It’s easier to verbally talk about music – or just play the dang song out loud! As much as I love German, I’m not able to write an entire post in German (I could try…) and I’m pretty sure most of my readers don’t speak or read German; plus, I don’t want this to be an entirely German blog! I want this to be my brain on a page, so to speak. Except, take out the personal information so I don’t get crazy fans knocking on my door…ha-ha-ha…And also, as much as I love writing stories, it takes a long time for me to write a story, I generally just do it as a hobby, not a serious thing, and again, I don’t want any of my work stolen. I’ve already posted some stories, though, and might continue with that in the future, but I am not looking for this to be a story blog, either.

I know for a fact that I don’t want this to be like a diary. I already keep a journal.

I know I am embarking on many new paths, and gathering new interests and hobbies up the wazoo, but talking about my life personally is just…too personal. I mean, I think I could write some interesting posts about things I do – and I read a lot of blogs that do that and I really like them – but what happens when I have nothing planned? (like this whole week!) What do I blog about then? My focus is stretched across many, many topics – so many, I think I am stretching myself too thin occasionally. However, I believe this path would be the easiest blogging genre to settle into. The blogs I read most often (links will be provided at the end of this post) are all written by beautifully interesting people who take fabulous pictures to accompany posts about stuff they do. Sometimes, it’s just lunch with a friend. Or a walk in the park. Or dog-sitting for a neighbor. Or breakfast this morning. Whatever it is, I usually find it intriguing.

This is why I am evaluating my blog genre.

Should I write a life-themed blog?

How often should I post?

How could I include the beauty of homemade photos sans camera and copyright?

What on earth should I write about?

* * *

I remember my English teacher this past year told us that if we don’t know anything about the topic, we should pose educated questions; because good questions will direct you where to look and what you want to know…and are more sophisticated than just making stuff up.

(My group was once assigned to present plot triangles – when I learned this advice – and we had no idea what they were, so we blathered on, stabbing ourselves in the foot the entire time. She thanked us for bringing up the scenario of being completely in the dark about something, which was a twinge embarrassing, but in a relieving way. Initially, we drew something like this:)

What imagination we had!

This blog post I guess has something to do with that. I’ve posed questions. Eventually something will come to me. That’s usually what happens.

* * *

Great photos and hip writing:

This girl has a very interesting life, and takes cool pics, too!
Urban Hippie

Vegetarian, lived in France…what more is there to ask for?
La Petite Vegetarienne

I just really like her drawings:
Doll With A Frown


2 thoughts on “Some Qs

  1. Good luck with the theme. For what it’s worth, I think using hand drawn pics would be fun and a little different, especially if they are hand drawings of what you might normally photograph.
    Whatever it is you do, just keep it fun!

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