If you think about it, everything we do carries extra weight.

You want to be a chef? You gotta cook…..A lot.

You want to be an artist? You’re gonna spend a lot of time on art.

Want to be an accountant? You and math are gonna be best buds.

Want to be a writer? Staying up late and scattered papers are gonna be in your daily agenda.


What I’m really trying to say is: Everything we have to do, like to do, want to do, is NOT only for a half hour class at the local community college or an hour at a neighbor’s house taking lessons.

I finally realized the other day WHY in the world I am so busy all the time. I can’t believe I never noticed this before.

Let me break this down.

Let’s take my obligations: Sleep, school, hygiene, eating, etc. (Not in that order…) Eating is probably half hour a meal. Hygiene is probably an hour total a day. School is a whopping seven hours a day PLUS an hour or two of homework. So, technically, school is nine hours of my life, daily. Sleeping is also about seven or eight hours a day. Running total so far: 19 hours/24 hours.

Let’s take my extra-curricular activities: Jazz band, key club, pit orchestra (I’m playing a smaller, easier part that I don’t have to practice), guitar lessons, German club. Each of those varies in time and they aren’t all on the same day, so I’ll just average it on an hour and a half per day in extra-curricular activities. However, guitar lessons and jazz band carry extra weight: I must practice for those. Ideally, I’d like to spend an hour to two hours practicing – while that never happens…I would love to achieve that! So, in truth, extra-currics are about 3 hours a day.
Running total so far: 21 hours/24 hours.

Now, let’s take my hobbies and other activities (if I ever have time for these): reading books, listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching movies or TV, writing this here blog, reading other blogs, checking email or surfing the web, and any other crap I feel like doing/have to do like chores or painting a picture or getting a job. I have three hours left to devote to whatever I want to do. Even though three hours is more than enough time to complete something, what if it’s three hours at the wrong time? I can’t hang out with my friends at 6 pm on a school night nor can we go to a store and shop for clothes. I really don’t feel like doing anything when I get home from school, so I usually waste two of those hours eating an after-school snack and talking about our day and watching TV. And I really don’t feel like doing anything an hour before bed.
Running total finally: 24+ hours/24 hours.

I can hear you all saying: Well, you always have the weekend… Yes, I always do have the weekend. But putting off having spare time five days every week is exhausting. That’s why I usually don’t accomplish anything on days off or the weekend, because that is my time to sit and thank Heaven above that I really have nothing to do. The moral of this rant is this (and I am including myself) to: take stock of what must be done and get ‘er dun! But, also, leave time for freedom, because goinggoinggoing is not fun at all. Make time to do nothing. Plan it into your schedule. “4pm to 6pm — do homework, 6pm to 7pm — do absolutely nothing.” Hallelujah.


One thought on “Time

  1. There is an art of doing nothing. Riding in the car can create the best place & time to just be in the moment and enjoy not doing and not being anything but a breathing being.

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