Some news

First: I’ve decided to cancel my 2nd blog, Music Brew, on account of a few things. I will only list one reason to stay on the positive side:

It’s too darn hard for me to keep the seemingly endless ideas of LBE and music separate!

I think of music all the time, and I always mention it in posts here anyway. So, expect a little more music in LBE. And if any of you actually read Music Brew, I hope you’re not too disappointed.

* * *

On a different note, I have exciting news! You know my guest-postin’ friend who writes Girlie Says What? SHE HAS MOVED TO WORDPRESS!! Starting on a clean slate, Maddie S writes her new blog Leaping Faithfully. (click to get over there!)

I encourage you all to get your little tushes over there NOW and read the wondrous wisdom of one of my close friends! Come on, get!

To further persuade you to get on over there and read her blog already, I will participate in a challenge she has set forth while only about four days young in the WordPress world! (Bravo!) She is asking bloggers to ask and answer 12 questions of the Would You Rather category (only more intimate and less gross than how the game is usually played – and you teens out there should know what I’m talking about). And also to pass on this question game to blogs all around.

First, look at her post, then read my response!

I ask the world (myself included):

  1. Bustling city or quiet town? Town. I need breathing room.
  2. TV or radio? Alas, nowadays I choose TV; the radio stinks.
  3. One true best friend or multiple good ones? I think one true best friend, but that’s a hard dang question.
  4. End of world hunger or start of world peace? World peace. I believe peace would lead to the end of world hunger.
  5. Beach or suburban setting? Like my childhood dream, the beach. I don’t know what it is about the beach, but I dream about it. I think I’m addicted to salt water and sandy air.
  6. Board games or tech games (computer/video/phone)? Board games. I’m a dork for them!
  7. The good ole days or the future? The future. Possibilities are endless, good or bad, and we must keep moving to get anywhere. I worry about the future of this planet more than I should and I actually typed “good ole days” first, but I thought of something I said before: there is always room for change.
  8. Using up multiple notebooks or typing it all on the computer? I know, I know, the computer is more “eco-friendly”, but paper all the way. You don’t have to turn on and charge paper. And you can recycle or reuse paper. You can’t do that easily with a computer.
  9. Suffering through something under the impression it will turn out great or moving on to something else because it’s easier? Suffering. It’s less boring.
  10. Wondering what could have been or wondering what went wrong? Wondering what went wrong. At least I took a chance. Now if I could only follow my own advice…
  11. The journey or the destination? I have to say, I feel like my whole life has been a journey uphill and I haven’t reached the flat, top ground yet. So, despite that age-old phrase, I have to go with destination here. Without the tease of the destination, I would have never made the journey in the first place.
  12. Friends who you always have something fun planned with or friends who you can do anything and have fun with? I know this seems like the same two questions, but I choose the second option. It’s nice to go over someone’s house with no plan, spending the day talking, or maybe doodling the ugliest picture known to man, or trying to write a song on piano (an instrument neither of us mastered), or just laying outside in the snow. Doing stuff is fun, but being in great company matters most to me.

Now, I invite you to answer Maddie from Leaping Faithfully‘s questions in the comment section, then answer mine if you like! (Feel free to disagree please!) If you have a blog of your own, please participate in this chain!!


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