A list on Tuesday

Told ya.

So, to get myself in a good mood, I thought of all the things I lovelovelove in this world that aren’t exactly my career plans, but if I could as a side-hobby, I would participate in:

  • Chocolate-making. Chocolate is the one food that I could dedicate my life to. Chocolate is my number one and don’t you forget it!
  • Movie music composer. Hey, who wouldn’t want to dictate how the audience is supposed to feel? Plus, that’s just cool. (Fact: I LOVE the music in Up. Such a cute melody that is used over and over again. Just listen. Movie music is often one melody that is manipulated into different keys, instruments, etc. to change the feel, but it is still relatively the same melody.)
  • Ballet. I don’t know what it is. But ballet dancers make me jealous. I’m not too graceful, but I wish I were that flexible and in control of my body.
  • An early riser. I like my sleep. I also like my time. I feel like it’s a war that I can’t win.
  • A good whistler. I have about a five-note range, and can’t exactly control which pitch comes out, nor which volume it comes out at. Usually, I must resort to singing/scatting. Always a crowd-pleaser.
  • Yoga. I wish I could be as fluid as those yogis. And peaceful. And fit – whew, yoga tones you, too. I imagine myself ten times wiser as a yoga participant.
  • Teaching. I hate school. But sometimes, I feel like I could teach the class better. And make school to enforce the important stuff. And for God’s sakes, shorten the darn day and start it later!
  • Artist. Secret time! I love ceramics. I got an award for some reason at the end of last year for being the best ceramics student (girl). What in tarnation…? I sat next to my friend Clare, who is an artiste of a higher degree (much higher degree) than I, and I got the award?! Hey, I’m not complainin’ though… But, holy cheese, was that wheel fun. Nevertheless, 45 minutes is not long enough for a ceramics class. Plus, I wish I could paint well; painting is fun, too.
  • Playwright/screenwriter. My story would come alive! Hooray!
  • Conductor. Being in charge and directing with a little wand = beautiful.
  • Something with animals. I’ve always loved animals. I wanted to be a vet until 6th grade. I can’t deal with sick, though, so that was out. But, OHMYGOSHTHEYARESOCUTE. And rewarding.

What would you do if you could?


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