Top ten ways to get inspired

Hey, all you writers:

Writing is hard.

Admit it.

But, we were born with the weakness to the temptation of a good story, especially if it’s coming out of our own pens, so we struggle through it anyway. (The rewards are, well, rewarding, as well.) Some days, however – and we’ve all experienced this before, unless you aren’t human – our minds go blank. Like magic. A slate wiped clean. What was I thinking of? Where did I put my notebook? Did I really even have an idea?


We angrily stare at the paper and pencil, computer screen, laptop keyboard, parchment and feather quill, or typewriter buttons, willing the words to come out, but they’re taking a sick day, we’re on our own. So we bang the keyboard with a righteous pound from a cramped hand only a writer can have and storm away to go sit in a corner and wonder why our brains aren’t working today.

SO. I’ve been so thoughtful to comprise a beautiful list of ten ideas to get the writing veins pumpin’. Even if these ideas don’t work, at least you had something to read for five minutes. I believe I’ve written about getting writers’-blocked before BUT, this is a new list! Plus, it doesn’t solely apply to writers, too – anyone in need of inspiration can try these tricks!

In no particular order:

  1. Read books. C’mon. I get most of my inspiration from books. Because why? Because they are the written word (what I am striving for) and I love them. You are still contributing to your writerly powers (unless you’re on a deadline. Then that stinks for you.) by reading – increasing vocabulary, getting new ideas, being influenced by different writing styles, discovering what topics you like the most…Reading is inspirational, whether you’re a writer or not.
  2. Watch movies. I don’t know if you know this or not, but I luuurrrve watching movies. They are emotion-inducing, story-telling, acted works of art! Also, if they make you laugh, that chips away at the angry wall between you and productivity. (Laughter relieves stress, it’s a proven fact. And less stress means…more creative flow!)
  3. Listen to music. Music can inspire stories, too. Doing nothing else but listening to music and closing your eyes can get your inspiration coursing like adrenaline. Music usually helps me focus and think about my goals and picture myself doing what I want to do. Music is like the last ingredient to the perfect mental movie.
  4. Read, watch, or listen to the news. Some great stories are based off of current events. The present situation can inspire stories with the perspective of how you feel about what’s happening locally, globally, or nationally.
  5. Surf the web. I hate to say it, but the Internet is a good way to break down the inspirational block. The reason being, the Internet kind of numbs your brain. The numbness distracts you from your work so you can come back to it completely forgetting what had you blocked.
  6. Read up on history. History repeats itself. Blah blah blah. But sometimes, just sometimes, an incredible hero, a bloody war, a cruel villain, or a nasty epidemic can give you just the spark you need to get going again. The best part is thinking that actually HAPPENED!
  7. Think about the things you love. Hobbies, people, stories, movies, food, anything. Think of how you could tie ALL of that into one story. Most likely, that won’t happen (and you’d be out of ideas for your next story or post) but it really helps getting motivated to write. Writing about stuff you love is fun because YOU LOVE IT.
  8. Write a journal. It doesn’t even have to be every day – it can just be when you need inspiration. Most of the time, when I am out of inspiration, it’s because I have too much on my mind. Getting all those petty little human thoughts out of your head makes room for wild and fantastic new ones!
  9. Take a shower. I said this before, but it really does help. First, if you’re gross and need one, it makes you feel better and more awake, ready to work. But mostly, using the bathroom is a solitary experience and somehow, the water clears the mind – or brings new ideas to the surface. No real distractions in there.
  10. Read other blogs! Finding like-minded people who like the same things you do can boost your spirits. And being spirited is a trait you need to get through a whole novel, maintaining a blog, or whatever art you are pursuing!!

Happy creating.


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