The token New Year’s post, 2011

So, I was thinking, on my way to feed some neighbor’s cats (while they’re away), that it is that time of year again, to reflect on myself. Again.

This is kind of a struggle for me since I’m still in school. See, my mind sees the years as ending in June and beginning in August (with some gray area in between, known as “summer vacation”).  When I try to remember last January…Whew, what a struggle. I was a freshman in January last year – uck! But, in the name of almighty blogging, I WILL do it, for you, dear readers!

At first, I thought this year would be less interesting than last year because I MOVED last year, which includes lots of really new things and experiences. Then I realized that this year is the first year I was used to my new surroundings and could branch out more comfortably. This year is more interesting because I got over the hump of being in a new place and surrounded myself with even more new things!!

In the beginning of 2011 was kind of a blur, because it was the closing of my first (and last) year of high school swimming. We also had course selection for sophomore year (which I wish I could time travel to because I would have picked a schedule that might have worked out as planned). February was really where it was at – I tried out for jazz band (2) and ended swimming with my best times! I don’t exactly remember March, but in April I met my second twin, Sami, whom with I played out twice with.

In May, I first glimpsed the marching band I would join late in the year at the Memorial Day Parade in my town. June brought my first gig (only four songs long!) with Sami and the final end of middle school (in freshman year!!). I joined a new swim team in the summer, and actually kind of bombed the season, making times I’d creamed in the high school team, but at least I was in shape! And July celebrated my second year of playing guitar!

The 20th of August marked the first whole year of being in our new home. The end of August was LBE’s first birthday. I also got another German pen-pal sometime during the summer. She sent me a postcard from Amsterdam which was really cool! My 20 before 20 list was concocted within August, too. Which reminds me how much I forget to update you all on it…(I’m at 14 books, I believe, but that will probably double due to all my days off from school.)

I started finally with Jazz II and a class called jazz lab (which taught me just how much I didn’t know about music – especially jazz) in September, and made the wild decision to substitute choir for a second study hall I had. Now I’m hooked to do it for the rest of my high school career.

In October, I took the PSATs (got a 1740) and out of nowhere, I got a request to join marching band playing keyboards, which knocked out two – TWO! – of my 20 before 20 goals (do spontaneous stuff and pick up the piano again). I was suggested to join it before, sometime in September, and thought “…nah.” Then, I realized, this is MUSIC. The more I am exposed and experienced, the better! Why not, I have friends in marching band? And by joining, I made more friends and had an unimaginable amount of fun playing cymbals in the stands.

I was also a hillbilly for Halloween.

November came quickly, marching band ended, school was back to being stupid (not whooooaaa, high school! So magical! anymore), and that darn crazy weather still prevailed. I think I started new guitar lessons sometime between October and November with a really great teacher and since then it has rained every Tuesday except for one. I decided that I wasn’t swimming this year, that music was more important than sports (which was really sad because I love the team, being in shape, and getting better times in breaststroke…just not the schedule). I started the Harry Potter series and almost died at its brilliance. I also finished the Hunger Games and also almost died at its excellence. (I will discuss these in another post!)

December…best month of the year. I had a band recital (I was only in the marching band, so we played those darn three movements again for the last time) and a choir concert.

Which was on my birthday.

And it was perhaps the greatest musical performance I’ve ever been a part of. Plus, that night I turned sixteen! I gotta get a move on in that driver’s manual (but it’s so boring!) and get my dang permit. I took the national German Exam for the second time and it was frighteningly easy. After the holidays rolled around, I counted up my stash of moolah I’m saving for a new guitar and I have almost $500. Sometime, I woke up suddenly with the idea for a new story and it took me four hours to get it all out. See? December is the best month.

So…all in all, it was an okay year. Weather-wise, it was absolutely dreadful, but inner-self-wise, ’twas a-ok. Mostly, I’m looking forward to next year. This year, for me, was kind of a “learning year”. I was trying a lot of new things on for size, picking up new skills here and there. Next year, I hope to start using what I learned. I’m so tired of being a beginner and I’m hoping I can step out of my comfort zone and use everything I acquired. I’ve got my first jazz concert (first time ever performing on guitar) in the middle of January and the end of the first semester (FINALLY).

I guess that means my New Year’s Resolution is to:

Do what I want and not care who’s watching.

 2012 is going to be a fun year.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “The token New Year’s post, 2011

  1. I like reflection posts- it sounds like you’re really putting yourself out there! I was a high school swimmer- made varsity, never really was super competitive though, and hated the 5:15 am practice!
    Congratulations on your musical talent and improvement! May 2012 hold just as many awesome things for you! Tschüß!

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