I remember the good ole days in second grade when I loved school. I was SO. SAD. when I was sick and had to miss school. That didn’t last very long.

Stuck in middle school, I really did believe high school was my salvation. Freedom to choose your classes, block scheduling, becoming old enough to drive, more clubs and activities to participate in, more friends, more decisions to make, deciding on a career, and MOAR. I hated middle school because it wasn’t fun and carefree like elementary school and it wasn’t challenging with more freedoms and responsibilities like high school. It was boring, constricting and awful. And you can’t imagine how elated I was to GET OUT of there.

I’m sorry current middle schoolers — hang in there. It’ll be over soon. Make some friends and you’ll survive.

Right now, I’m just thankful I am finally out of middle school. High school is loads better. I mean, I have limited experience in saying this because I’ve only been here for a marking period (middle school is 7-9 here; plus I moved in 9th grade from a school district that’s middle schools were 6-8, so I was technically in middle school for 4 years. And graduated twice. Ah jeez, the flashbacks begin) but I think I was ready for high school in seventh grade. Those years were suffocating. If I ever get to redesign a school system, you know what the first thing to go would be. (Plus a hundred other things that threaten my life in various ways, such as inconvenience and boredom.)

But the thing is: school is always suffocating. High school is a step up, but come on. Seven hours stuck in classes – half or more of which you would kill to escape from – the worst food, homework, people making fun of people (yes, that petty bullying that starts in elementary school still hangs around in high school; isn’t that sad?) Granted, I wouldn’t have as many friends without school and I wouldn’t know as much, or be able to participate in jazz band or chorus, but it kind of is torture. When you look at it. They bait you with knowledge and preparing you for selecting and pursuing a career, but they end up just training you to take tests and hate Mondays. My only salvation – art, music, and foreign language classes – is slowly being taken away, too. This is why I truly mean it when I say School Is Crap.

Because it is.

Another thing that makes me want to punch myself in the face is that in school, you run by a schedule devised by the school board, then the list of classes, placement of your locker and your assigned homeroom are all decided by a computer. Your fate of seeing your friends or enjoying yourself is decided by a computer program.

Humans, though we are all bound by human nature, are all so very different. Some people are morning people, some are afternooners and others (like me) are night owls. We’re productive at different times; we’re wired differently. And when we’re all expected to do everything the same, things get a little squirrely. I can’t use my productive times properly during the school year because I will suffer either way – if I stay up late to do something, I’ll be miserably tired the next day. If I don’t stay up, I won’t be able to sleep -OR- I’ll be disappointed I neglected my creativity. Actually, waking up before eight is not something I do well, regardless of when I go to sleep. Afternoon people can’t use their time at all because we are stuck at school from morning to evening. And morning people luckily can wake up and get to sleep on time, but must drag themselves to school to be surrounded by non-morning-people, who are angry and tired (me). So, school stinks in every way.

But, I dream of the day when I am free to follow my own schedule – graduation from school! For one, I could finally honor my being a night owl. And another, I would actually get to do everything I want to, when I want to. If I could design my own schedule, it would look something like this:

Falling asleep and waking up are always kind of difficult for me, so I always love when I can start and end the day with reading. I lovelovelove reading for an hour or two before I’m too tired to continue (midnight-ish) and waking up only to pick up where I left off. I finish a lot of books that way. Once I start the day with a book, putting myself in a good mood, I listen to music for a bit, absorbing what I just read (helloooo Mockingjay). Then, after eating breakfast (late morning) is when I write the best. Writing blogs, creating stories, writing emails and letters…best in the midday. After that is when I can do miscellaneous things, like going shopping, watching a movie, hanging out with friends, and stuff that needs to be done, like homework, taking a shower, etc. Finally, in the night, is when I am most lively, when I can practice music for hours at a time, and really have the most fun. I get the best music practice in at around 9pm. Then I’d read and go to sleep and do it all over. And I would love it. You know I like change and spontaneity, but that is one schedule I’d probably be able to stay with for a while.

What do you wish you could put in your schedule?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. duuude, this reminds me of this video I saw on YT a while ago… it was basically this guy ranting about the education system, but… well he was really smart and he was explaining why education nowadays doesn’t work too well. Basically, his main point was “why the heck are we splitting kids up based solely on age?” he mentioned that there are SOOOO many more relevant factors in education that you could split kids up by– what time of day they work best at, their IQ, their interests, whether they’re introverts or extroverts– just a million little factors, and it makes no sense that we’re churning out kids from schools in batches based on their age. There’s a whole lot more, too. He even– this part was just sad– but he even showed a map of the number of cases of ADHD in kids they find in the US, and you could see that the closer to DC they were, the more cases they had. Another point of his was that we’re trying to subdue the creativity and craziness of kids and teens by pumping drugs into them, when really we should harness that energy, and put it into music, art, etc. This just reminded me of that. :D

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