Saving Time

So, here I am.
I decided that, since it was Daylight Savings Time (heck yes!!), I would take the extra hour and put it toward blogging! Unfortunately, I have nothing planned to write about, so I’m just going to pick something to start on and see where it goes for an hour. This is TRUE WRITING. Just kidding. Whatever, here goes.

* * *

Shamefully enough, I visited our wise internet oracle,, which is kind of like Wikipedia’s sister, but for slang and other terms. I know a lot of high schools (including mine) have definitions on there. And a lot of them are awful, but some are admittedly kind of true…You just have to choose what you believe, really. Anyway, so, to show my awkward and socially inadequate side to the world: I didn’t know what “hipster” meant. And people are using it more and more at my school. Fail; I know. The only reason I meandered over to was not to try to be hip and use all the cool (not) new slang and other crap that people say. I was kind of interested in it because it was a new-ish social label – not some grammatically incorrect, over-used, now-unintelligent-sounding word, like “legit”. (I don’t know why people even use it; what they’re talking about isn’t even “legit”, it’s dumb stuff that they think is suuuuuuuuper important.)

SO ANYWAY, I looked up “hipster”. The first entry was a mile long, and it really seemed like the author of the entry was some kind of historian-people-watching-stalker hybrid. There was an unhealthy amount of detail in there. However, the more I read, the more I knew who they were talking about, and saw why people were using it in my school: we have a hipster population. Reasoning:

1) It has suddenly become way cooler to shop at a thrift store than any other store on the face of this planet.
2) About three hundred girls came back to school in August with a boy’s haircut.
3) Probably half of the girls who had prescription glasses got big, black, square, and nerdy new ones. And some withOUT prescription glasses also wear them, too.
4) Guys are wearing little boat shoes, Keds, I don’t really know what they’re called – beachy shoes that kind of look like ballerina slippers.
5) Suddenly, no boy’s pants reach his ankles – they are all cuffed just slightly too high.
6) Indie music is soooooo popular. So popular that it’s lame now.
7) You get the point. (this isn’t my ENTIRE school, because there are still the lame-os that dress in see-through shirts, tight jeans or leggings for pants, fried, dyed-blond hair and layers of makeup, or jeans so low I can see their entire butt, big clunky basketball sneakers, and a really annoying voice. And the people who dress nicely and aren’t annoying. And other variations.)

Now, that is just the fashion aspect of our hipster population. There are also other associations like: drinking cheap beer, smoking expensive cigarettes (which doesn’t make sense, but okay), having strong political views, using too many social networking sites, etc. etc. The “hipster mindset” is supposed to be a lot of “I don’t care”. Which is kind of cool in a sense. And also a lot of “This is what I want to care about, and this is what I really hate for no reason”. Which, essentially contradicts the first point. And that is where this social label gets hung up with all the others: It’s generalizing, it’s fairly mean, it’s kind of true in some parts (ONLY some), but everyone’s a little different. So to call someone a true hipster, you’re implying EVERYTHING that is associated with it (listed above).

However, since I DID say “it’s kind of true in some parts”, I’ve got to justify that. I can see why my school is a good place for hipster-type people: it’s pretty laid-back. Yes, there are judgmental people (like always), strict teachers (like always), mean people (like always), and every other high school stereotype. But the atmosphere’s not so tense compared to other schools. And it’s pretty cultured. So the hipster stereotype in my school is kind of true in that I know a LOT of those people are just trying to fit in which the “unique” crowd. The biggest stereotype I see with hipsters is the “I found that before it was cool” comeback. That – RIGHT THERE – bothers me SO. MUCH. I, for one, couldn’t give two flying craploads of crap about when you found it. IF it is indeed cool, that is all I care about. Music is the worst with that:

“Did you guys hear that new song on the–”

“I knew Sharts on a Plane BEFORE ANY OF YOU!! Remember, last year?! I was bobbing my head on the bus? Yeah, I WAS LISTENING TO THEM.”

“Uh, yeah, they’re kind of cool, so–”

“WHAT. They are SO cool. Actually, they’re not cool, they’re radical!” *looks satisfied with word choice*

“People still say rad.”

“I-I meant groovy! Yeah, groovy!”

“Yep, heard that, too.”

“Well…uhm…they’re…muy bien!”

“Oh my God, sooo cool…”

– well, that was an exaggeration, but I hope you get my point. It DOESN’T MATTER when who found it, it just matters if it’s good or not.

Besides this possessive nature, there is also the outward appearance that they try to use – that they really do not care. And the problem with that is: they obviously do. Your hair wouldn’t stick up that way if you didn’t take the time to hairspray it like that; your pants wouldn’t be up that high if you didn’t take the time to cuff them; you wouldn’t have a wardrobe full of thrift store clothes if you hadn’t taken the time to comb through different stores for the perfect ones; you wouldn’t have big nerdy frames if you hadn’t take the time to convince your parents to buy them for you! You DO care, so stop acting like you don’t. Stop acting like anything. I actually kind of like their style of clothing, but it’s the stupid way they act that bothers me. Why can’t people just be genuine? What’s wrong with admitting “Yeah, I was shopping all day yesterday and I found this really cute outfit! Do you like it?” What IS so wrong about that? Plus, they seem to care sooo much about telling the whole universe when they discovered THIS band, and what they don’t like about this, and how much they don’t care about that – YET! they are supposed to be “careless and independent”. Yeah, sure.

I guess the whole reason for this ramble is my problem with “fake” people. It isn’t just hipster-types – it’s everyone. Everyone is acting; we’re all actors. Which stinks because then you’re really never unique at all – you’re just like everyone else because you’re not being yourself. We should all be in Hollywood because we’ve been playing the same role for, what, 6 years? It must be hard staying in character that long.

I think the new motto for young children everywhere shouldn’t be “Just Be Yourself!” anymore, it should be: “Just be yourself because everyone’s so wrapped up in their own drama that it doesn’t even matter.”

We waste so much time with this stuff. Heck, I might have just wasted an hour of my life writing about it. But it just nags at me so much when people aren’t real. You can’t even tell anymore who is being real and who is just caught up in themselves.

When we did this socializing activity in health class the one day, we were actually supposed to take this paper with questions (asking something like “Who has more than one pet?” “Who plays a musical instrument?” etc.) around and ask people to sign something they can do and kind of chat (so the questions served as ice-breakers). When we were done, my teacher told us no one in the whole class ever stayed for more than a minute with one person.

I hadn’t even noticed.

I was just trying to get the paper done. It was a reflex. While most people didn’t even care about what he said, I was ashamed! I didn’t even look at what half the people signed. I was a hypocrite. I could have asked many questions but I didn’t even pay attention. I was actually pretty selfish. (As was everyone else in the class, but still.)

I realized that throughout my life, I had been trained to complete the task and move on. And really, to judge people. I was horrified when I realized that. I judged everyone in that class: who I wanted to talk to, who I never wanted to talk to, who was acquaintance material. Sure,  the people I didn’t want to talk to were REALLY annoying most of the time, but what’s the harm? It was just a class assignment. And, to take some of the pressure off of me, most everyone seemed even less interested in me than I was them. I mean, jeez, in that class of 13 kids (which had been gym class for the few months before) I had been selected last three times. THREE times. Come on. It’s definitely not because I’m bad at the game (because I know I was better than most of the guuuuurls who were picked first). Is it because I’m not an annoying girl whose laughs sounds like ahawhawhaw and wears really short shorts and doesn’t even try? Well, that stinks. Is that really what one gets for just being herself?


One thought on “Saving Time

  1. I agree w ur rant. I would have to say that for the most part authenticity is dead. We fear being exposed so we choose a front in order to not b con-fronted.
    Love, ur pseudo-intellectual aunt

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