Peace One Day!!!!

The fantabulous holiday that is known as U.N. International Day of Peace (or so says my calendar) is upon us! Now I know I said I was planning something for it – and I am. Just not for today. I realized there was definitely not enough time in one month’s time to plan a quality event. So I am aiming for the spring. I mean, peace can happen any time! And as long as we say we are raising awareness for Peace One Day, it counts as a Peace One Day celebration! I do have a comrade who decided to help me in this endeavor. He said he wants to graduate “with a bang”. And considering this was my idea, that will definitely happen. Since I’m so dang hardcore.

Just kidding.

Anyway, don’t think I am shirking on my promised duties, I am getting there. Would you rather have a celebration in autumn weather that is lukewarm and fairly attended, or a festival in the beautiful springtime (therefore, not mud-soaked and humid, hopefully) that has been well-planned and thought-out, and very well attended? It’s your decision, but I would lean towards the second option!

However, since on my 20 before 20 list, it says “celebrate Peace One Day every year” not “Plan a festival in honor of POD every year”, I will be attending a local peace day this Sunday. To scope out the scene…

Happy International Day of Peace everyone!! Remember to do something peaceful (that makes you happy)!


2 thoughts on “Peace One Day!!!!

  1. My school has a great yearly program for International Peace Day–we participate in One Day, One Goal. The idea is that people in every country lay down their weapons and, instead of fighting, play soccer (or football, depending on where you’re from.) Everyone at my school goes down to a local park during an extended one-hour lunch period to play soccer, or at least be a spectator.

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