3&4/300 Books

Well, ’tis been too long since I wrote a quality post. So here goes nothing.

I’ve read two more books towards my 300-book-goal since my last entry on here. The first was one I randomly selected from the teen section at the library – Fingers by William Sleator. Well, at least, it was a partially random selection – the cover showed a review containing the words “Throat-clutching novel” and the main character was a boy named SAM who LIKED MUSIC, so I thought it couldn’t be too bad, right?


My throat was, unfortunately, not clutched and Sam never turned out to be as cool as I. I mean, towards the end it started picking up, but the beginning and middle were grinding. My biggest problem with the book was the author’s presentation of the story. The storyline was an okay idea, but the characters were dog-gone annoying. The boy Sam kept saying quips like “The chair squeaked in B-flat minor” (these are not the author’s exact words, but I can’t remember the chord he said and I already returned it to the library). I wondered if any musician actually thought like that. THEN, I wondered how anyone who is not a musician is supposed to relate to a description like that.

Anyway, the book, in my opinion gets around three stars out of five.

Next, I reread one of my favorite books, Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder. That book is so darn fantastic, I read it in, like, 2 hours max. My favorite aspect of the book is that she writes it in verse – so it connects the reader to the characters’ emotions and thoughts on a much deeper level. The book is so melodic and hard to put down that I doubt anyone could resist it enough to take more than 2 hours to read it. Schroeder does use pop culture references (like Guitar Hero and the band the Killers), but I think it makes the characters even more realistic. The plot is really intensely interesting, too. She wraps ghosts, death, romance, emotions, and friendship all into one superb story. Eleven stars out of five.

What are you all reading? Any suggestions for my future reads?



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