I know what you’re thinking: enraged? What could she possibly be enraged about? This is probably her complaining about something else…

And, you’re probably right. But you know what I am “enraged” about now? The Internet.

You: oh GOD, c’mon!! What is this crap?

Right again, you dear readers; this is just crap. The internet is very useful, but all I can find right about now is just utter CRAP. I mean, excluding the never-ending pit of everything that is Youtube, I feel like information-wise, the internet is sliding down a slippery slope. Or maybe I’m just too lazy to look further.

This is what I hate about some particular sites:

– when it requires a login/account to access information. Why must they lure you in to easy information or music and then say “Whoopsie-daisies! Forgot to mention, we need your: gender, age, birthday, weight, height, mother’s maiden name, pet’s fur color, favorite dessert and email address!” C’mon! I bet your information is crap and useless anyway.

– when it has those startling ads that play a super loud video somewhere near the bottom of the page where you can’t find them. I keep getting them on music sites (where I would be listening to music already) and the ad will just drown out anything I’m listening to and scare me half to death.

I also hate when I search for a song on the internet that I most definitely just heard somewhere and want to hear again and it is absolutely NO WHERE. Not even those illegal download sites and whatnot. I simply cannot find it. Each time that happens, it feels like I just punched my own self in the face.

I hate depending on the internet as my only means of communication. Excluding pen-pals, I hate when I can only contact someone over email. Because, newsflash, no one checks their emails as much as I do! So I must wait a year or two before I get a response. Alas…

I just get so dang frustrated when I can’t find something. Have you ever seen me when I lose my good pick? My room is turned upside down for that darn triangular piece of plastic. Sometimes I feel like pulling one of those dramatic movie scenes where the victim of frustration/anger/grief slides down the wall slowly, crying. WHERE IS IT??!?!?!

So, basically, this is a hate letter to the internet. I’m sorry you have spent some time reading this, but this is all I got right now.

The internet makes me feel guilty about not being magically FANTASTIC at everything. Like, I go searching for a tab or some chords on the internet, and all I find is junk, or one-star-rated entries, and I’m like, “DUH, Sam, why can’t you just pick this out by yourself?! COME ON.” Most of my internet frustration has to do with music, by the way.

That leads me to another point. I wish I was rich JUST so I could spend the money to learn new things. I wish I could learn EVERYTHING. It’s so frustrating! Then, I think, “Tons of people pick up skills from educational websites, right? I can just go research what I want to learn.” I get on the internet and instantly realize, GOD this will never work, I learn by example. Videos can help a little, but I need someone to tell me the concept, show me the concept, watch me try the concept, correct anything I did wrong, challenge me with a harder version of the concept, etc. THEN I get even more annoyed that I require someone to help me learn. I NEED a teacher for everything. GOD, I’m so needy, right?

This leads me to another point, where my frustration thickens. I get frustrated needing things. I want to just pick something up and do it. But nooooooooooooooo. I feel so greedy and lazy that I just want to borrow a microphone and sing like an angel or sit down and write a masterpiece. After long times of practice (ooh, like 2 years) and I still can’t wow myself, I feel defeated. I defeat myself. How awful is that? Just because of my rabid desire for knowledge and impatience with my own imperfection. There is something wrong here.

So, I guess the internet isn’t really at fault here…what the heck am I even talking about?

Alright then…


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