2/300 Books – The Titan’s Curse

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Part of my 20 before 20 goal is to read 300 books. I’ve finished another.

**possible spoilers for those who haven’t read Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Titan’s Curse (book three)**

Well, I realize I’m a little late maturity-wise reading this series, but hey, Greek mythology doesn’t have an age limit! And neither does adventure, for that matter. I love this series because it’s so involved – the gods and creatures from the myths absolutely come to life. I love that it fits perfectly in with Greek myths and that there is a wide range of characters. I always thought Greek myths were pretty cool – Quiver by Stephanie Spinner is also a good book based upon Greek myths – but I only learned a little about them in sixth grade. Which, of course, I can’t remember at all. We actually listened to the first book on audiobook in sixth grade, too, but, as I said, no recollection!

Since I knew almost nothing about Greek mythology coming into this series, I couldn’t really predict the monsters and gods who would appear next (although, as a reader, there’s always some clue in the text as to what happens next that I can find. When I can’t find one though, I am impressed and enjoy the book further – ahemHungerGames). But, all in all, I do enjoy Percy’s point of view. It’s surprisingly not repulsive being an adolescent boy. Haha, that was a joke.

Anyway, I bought a boxed set of the first three in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series at a garage sale and now I’m anxiously waiting to get to the library to find the next two!


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