Day of Peace

I am beside myself with the fact that I had never heard of this before: one day of peace on September 21st. I went on the TED talks website and found a clip of the man who started it all, watched it, and wondered why I had never ever heard of it. It’s brilliant.

No, it’s extraordinary. That’s why I’m writing about it on this blog.

This man, Jeremy Gilley, got the idea that one day of cease fire and no violence – just one day – a year would make a difference. And I don’t see why not. He says that one day would create a window big enough to begin the steps towards a more peaceful world (this is obviously not a quote from him, he said it more eloquently, I just can’t remember his exact words). The world being united in peace for just one day could kickstart a movement even bigger than one day of peace. But what Gilley emphasized was the need for a starting point, which is why he chose just one day. We need to start somewhere.

I looked at my personal calendar and sure enough, U.N. International Day of Peace was on September 21st. Why had I never heard of this before? It makes me mad that I never had. I can’t say I never hear it on the news, because I rarely watch the news (it’s always so depressing) and I don’t really get into the newspaper. So am I the only one who doesn’t know? This is an extraordinary day and should not be ignored. I want to do something.

I’ve no idea what I could ever do to promote this day, but when I figure it out (I’ve got a little over a month to do so), I’ll tell you*. I know not too many people read this blog, but if you do, I hope that you’ll spread the word about this. If you’ve got your own website, by all means, just put a little blurb out there. Peace is within our reach, we’ve just got to try and grab it.

This year, Day of Peace 2011 will start the countdown to Truce 2012, where Gilley hopes September 21st, 2012 will hold a global cease-fire and worldwide action toward peace.

Here are some necessary links that I found for this day:

Jeremy Gilley Bio on

Here is the video I watched. Please watch it:

*There is a place on for “WHAT CAN I DO ON PEACE DAY?”, which I am looking through, so please don’t tell me I am oblivious to those options!

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