What I use poo-paper for

I don’t know if any of you have ever heard of the majestic greatness that is Poo-Poo-Paper*, but it is actually quite special. Animals like elephants and pandas, who eat plants with lots of fibers that they don’t digest, are prime producers, apparently, of poo that makes fine paper… Somehow, the makers of this product make odorless paper from crap. Elephant and panda crap.

Which is hardcore!

The little pads of paper are so small and thick and hard to write on, but I wasn’t going to let eco-friendly paper go to waste. (hahahahahahahahahaha, too late, right?) What could I use small pieces of paper for? Definitely not for stories or random notes to myself while half asleep (like how regular notebooks serve me) and I thought that the little notebooks from poo were just too precious for my crazy note-writing. What would be a dignified thing to keep in poo-paper? (Oh, I am too funny.)

A list, that’s what.

What on earth of what, though? What is a list that could keep me busy with it that would fill this whole notebook?

A list of my favorite things. I am a naturally indecisive person, so if I just write whatever strikes my fancy any time I am struck with it, I will have a whole book of things that make me happy and I don’t have to choose only one thing as my favorite! I keep it by my bed and whenever some dumb drama flings itself my way, I can remember my favorite things with ease.

So far, this is what I’ve got from about April 2011 (if you are my friend or family, you’ll recognize when I actually wrote these down, because they are in time order and go with stuff that came up):

  • Rainbows that form when light goes through crystal
  • The pitter-patter of kitty feet
  • Kitties, in general (no I am not a cat-lady, c’mon. I have one cat.)
  • When everything turns out ok
  • Laughing
  • Truthful (or plain good) fortunes (from cookies)
  • good advice
  • New (to me) music
  • Saving money
  • Friendship
  • Sleep
  • Breaks from school
  • success
  • twins and “twins”
  • questions
  • answers
  • tears – from laughter or from crying
  • songs that have some sort of meaning to me or a close person and me
  • spring
  • acceptance
  • actually being tired when I go to bed
  • language – foreign and native
  • solo
  • a challenge
  • a good kind of nervous
  • tough fingers
  • satisfaction
  • thunderstorms
  • a job
  • an accomplishment
  • guilty pleasure
  • writing
  • voice
  • imagination
  • blissful happiness
  • mental liberation
  • wishing
  • touch
  • the beach
  • dreams
  • the blues
  • improvisation
  • confidence
  • really good friends
  • getting it off your chest
  • being right
  • mail and letters

what are your favorite things?

*Apparently, you can email them at: number2@poopoopaper.com. That’s righteous.
Their motto is: “We’re Number One at Number Two!” They are now my favorite company EVER.


3 thoughts on “What I use poo-paper for

    • People who share the same name, same interests, same a lot of things, yet aren’t related? Sound familiar?…who is another person who shares my name that we are both friends with…

  1. SONNER days, driftin' away, ohh ohh oh the summer nights (OHWELLOHWELLOHWELLOHWELL) tell me MORE tell me MORE like does he have a car?

    DOOD i gotst a poo paper notebook. And the pages are so dang thick, you’re right. But hey! That’s a pretty good use for them! I’ll keep that in mind.

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