Letters from ME

As I mentioned a post or two ago, I’m here to blab about my life. So here goes:

A week-ish ago, I invented a new project for myself. I thought that, while being good for expanding my writing capabilities and understanding my style, it would help me get a bunch of crap off my mind. (And who wouldn’t want that? It’s a 2-in-1!)

For a year, I’m trying to write a letter a day. The letter doesn’t have to be addressed to someone I’m acquainted with, or even someone at all – it can be a thing or idea (I’ve already written to my cell phone and my Future Self). It doesn’t have to be mailed or passed to its addressee, either. It’s just to realize my thoughts and feelings upon that subject or someone. In fact, there aren’t really any rules except try to write one each day. I can repeat addressees, use whatever language I want, etc.

My handwriting sort of looks like that...Sort of...

It’s actually quite fun and cathartic, although I feel guilty not sending it to the person I’m writing to (when I write to a person). I wish I could give it to them, but I write my true-blue feelings in there, and while it may be good to tell some people what’s on my mind, I’ve got some raw thoughts in there and it could be a bit weird. Maybe sometime in the future, I can say, “Hey, look what I wrote to you when I was in high school!” or “Remember when you did this? This is what I really thought…”

These letters are even a little more personal than a diary, because they’re actually addressed to a specific thing or person. So, if anyone tries to find them, I’ll be a bit angry. (So, don’t.) I considered posting them on my blog to further motivate and remind me to do them every day, but then I realized that could be even worse than just blatantly handing the addressee his or her letter from me. Because then not only would the person I wrote to be able to read it, anyone, people I don’t know could! I also considered changing the names or making them more anonymous, but I concluded that that would water down my letters and not have them say exactly what I’m feeling or thinking.

Feel free, if you’d like, to copy this idea for your own – I don’t mind (unless you turn it into a book or something and get lots of money. That’s unfair). It’s a good purging at the end of the day and I kind of look forward to it during the day. I start to wonder who am I going to write to today?… *sly look around* and ideas start flooding in! If you’re willing to share, who would you write to?


2 thoughts on “Letters from ME

    • Ha ha, yeah, I know what you mean. I had this idea for a while, but it took me over a week to motivate myself to start it. It’s very, very fun, though. It’s like a little secret, only with yourself…which makes me sound lame. Whatever. And thanks for the compliment!

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