The meaning of life

I know what you’re thinking.

Oh my gosh, it’s been, like, a fortnight, man, and she hasn’t posted, like, anything at all! What the heck!

I am aware of my absence. Aaaaand, since you guys probably want to know why, I can’t ignore it. So I’ll cover it.

It’s been a long two weeks. But, if I would have posted during those two weeks, it would have been an absolute waste of words; I had nothing to say. Nothing at all. (I know, right?) I didn’t have any striking opinions to share, books to discuss, ideas to explain, stories to expose, etc. So be grateful I didn’t waste your time with hoo-hah.

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It was difficult, however, because a while back I decided to make WordPress my homepage. Every time I opened an internet window, my lack of posts was staring me right in the face. I did keep up with the blogs I follow, though, so I haven’t been completely off the blogosphere. I searched around new blogs and caught up with others. But I just wasn’t inspired. Heck, even now I’m not exactly inspired; I just feel especially obligated to catch up.

The last two-ish weeks went something like this:

Swim meet, nothing, guitar lesson, nothing, last swim meet of summer season, nothing for a long while, guitar lesson, nothing, my mom’s birthday (Love you Mutti!), nothing, my friend’s birthday, a jam with another friend, swim champs, aaaand we’re up to the present.

Why am I telling you this? Well, as I was reading through some blogs I like and others that are new to me, I noticed one theme between them: all of them were bloggers more-or-less talking about their lives. They weren’t just giving a play-by-play of their lives (that’s what Facebook’s for, right?), but something that happened to them, something they did, something they saw sparked something in them and they wrote about it. I realized then that I rarely write about my life. I actually don’t think most of you dear readers even care that much to hear about my daily routines – most of you are my family, who probably witness anything I’d write about anyway. Who cares? It’s my life, not yours, is there something profound you’re supposed to get out of reading someone elaborate on her life?

I guess not. But – BUT – there is something we can learn from everybody, right? Or, at least something we can gain. (What would be the point of communication, then?) Whether it’s a laugh during a stressful day, an abstract fact, a new opinion, a different view, or just plain entertainment while procrastinating, reading about people’s lives through their eyes has some purpose. At least, when the blogger is writing from the heart or for a purpose (not to just rant or complain – trust me, I’ve read blogs that are a little painful to absorb), a blog is worthwhile.

I toyed around with the idea of canceling my blogs over the past two weeks as well because of my annoyance with being on the computer for long periods of time (even if it’s to write) and that I thought I was out of ideas. I’ve convinced myself, though, to stick with it, since I’ve got material all around me to talk about – my life. And, after all, who likes a quitter anyway?


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