The Very Beginning

Just because you’re only born once doesn’t mean there are never any more new beginnings. People start over all the time. Sometimes it’s from reinventing oneself, other times it’s a new project, and every day, you get a chance to begin again. Every week. Every year. It’s better late than never.

There is always opportunity for change.

I, myself, am a big fan of change. I occasionally appreciate the familiarity of routine, but doing the same things every day, every week, would kill me. But starting from scratch is pretty darn difficult. And I do it a lot.

Basically, each hobby I have is 2 years old at the eldest (save for writing). I mean, this blog is only nearly a year in existence. I’ve played guitar for just two years and ukulele for barely six months. I’ve swam for only a year. (It seems like everything begins in the summer for me…) However, I am almost always surrounded by experienced people. It discourages me all the time. Whatever goal I reach, any success I achieve is always below the standards of everyone surrounding me; simple, elementary things. It’s hard to remember: You’ve been doing this for half (or less) of the time these people have – you’re better than you think.

Image of Martin 3K Professional Ukulele

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I’ve had “phases” throughout my entire life. Gymnastics for a year, piano for a few, hating “girly-girl” things, soccer for a while, track and field, Coldplay (it’s not entirely over…), upright bass, guitar (not over), swimming (not over either), ukulele (just beginning)…you get the picture. I was almost always put with the younger kids who were just starting out. Which was awkward. But, I stuck it out because who-knows-why.

In high school, however, there are no little beginners.

I’m on my own.

And I’ve got to act like I know what I’m doing. What’s going on. Etc.

I’m a pretty bad actress (everyone is certain that I can’t lie – it’s true), but I’ve got winging-it down pat. It’s time to start over. Again.


4 thoughts on “The Very Beginning

  1. This is a great insight into the pieces of your life you have so graciously allowed readers of your blog to see. I find myself relating to alot of it as i am a big fan of change. And do not believe at all that “people don’t change”. It’s good that you immerse yourself into a plethora of different hobbies. It definitely makes you a well rounded person and you don’t find too many of those in high school. That is one of the main reasons i stuck out like a sore thumb. Alot of people were just good at one thing…but was kind of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ situation if you know what i mean. But i enjoyed getting out there and just experiencing things. You only have one life, why not do what you want? Keep up the great blog btw.

    I mean i absolutely love just making playlists and cheering people up through music. some might say its lame which it very well might be lol but whatever it makes me happy so it’s what i do.

    PS – i’m a sucker for the ukulele

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