Writing Struggle #2

writer's block - crushed and crumpled paper on...

Image by photosteve101 via Flickr

Writer’s block is a struggle. It’s torture almost. Even people who aren’t specifically writers experience writer’s block. Whether you’re writing an essay or writing a novel or writing a song, writer’s block is bound to show up sometime.

As a frequent harbor of this annoying feeling, I’ve come up with some ways to get rid of it. They may not work for you, but it’s worth a try. Anything’s worth a try when writer’s block rears its ugly head, right?

First and foremost, a good trick is to get rid of distractions. That means cell phones (duh), other internet sites, and even music (which kills me to say, but it is a very big distraction).

Next, if I’m still blocked, I might take a shower. Though that’s peculiar, sometimes a fresh start will do some good. Plus, I get some of my best ideas in the shower…because no one’s bothering me.

Another way to clear your head is to clean something. Maybe you haven’t put away your laundry or can’t even see your carpet through the mess on your floor. Clear it up. If it’s too big of a hassle, go to a room with more thinking space; that might be outside near the pool or an office, wherever, just go somewhere you can focus.

In extreme cases, I would suggest going away from your work. I find that when I’m creatively congested, talking or interacting with someone gets me going again. It’s because I’ve been with myself too long. I need to take a vacation from my mind and I’ll come back refreshed. Call a friend, annoy a sibling, help someone out. It helps. If you don’t want to stray too far from your writing, even asking someone to read it and give feedback is better than sitting and staring at it by yourself. Whatever you do, though, do not go back and check your work. It’s tempting, but when you’re trying to move forward in your project, going back isn’t going to help. When you reach a satisfying point in your writing, you can go back and check for errors, but in a time of lack of inspiration, looking for mistakes will make it worse.

This may seem counterproductive, but sometimes writing something else helps, too. Writing in a journal, writing a letter, writing an email, writing about something unrelated to what you’re stuck on keeps you in the act of writing, but takes your mind off your block.

If all else fails, taking a nap solves all. I get some good ideas near sleep as well, so it could just benefit you most out of any of these suggestions. Sleeping gives you a rested feeling and a clear head; which are both very effective in writing.


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