I got an award?

Well, this is splendid timing. I’ve been bestowed the


Huzzah! I guess I’m kind of versatile…in a way…but, judging by how quickly I got agitated at juggling music AND writing in this blog and decided to split them into two, kind of defeats the meaning…but I’LL TAKE IT. Apparently, upon getting such an award from another blogger, the award winner also is granted a great deal of responsibility. There are steps to be taken. Which I will take. Now.

Step 1: Thank and link the person that nominated you.

Okay. Thank you Amelia at The Ramblings of a Teenage Writer for giving me this award! It is an honor! I am subscribed to your blog, by the way!

Step 2: Share seven random facts about yourself.

Random, you say? Well, here goes nuffin’.

  1. I love the smell of “basement”. Not musty, old, moldy, or unfinished basement, that’s disgusting. Just the smell of, basically, another dimension of a house. Maybe I’ve just come to like it from long, strenuous nights hunched over a guitar, meticulously practicing for hours (that’s a funny picture, isn’t it? It’s also not true. I usually just sit on the floor. Sometimes my legs fall asleep. Y’know.)
  2. One time, I took something from the “Free” box at the local record store (y’know, gotta stock up on stickers and all). The next time I went, I saw it actually says “Free, with purchase”. Whoops. Guess I’m an outlaw. Come and get me, coppers! I’m the one you’re looking for!
  3. My one friend accused me of being attracted to guitars in a romantic way, after simply asking, addressing the lone guitar case in a corner of a classroom, “Who’s guitar is that?”. Oh yeah. You hit the nail on the head there, Clare. I’m definitely a guitarosexual. You found me out.
  4. I got the idea for this blog (and basically anything I ever write) in the shower.
  5. My career of musical instruments so far has consisted of: piano, flute, upright bass, guitar, and ukulele. Maybe you could count my awful experience in 4th and 5th grade choir. Oh, lord, never mind. That was not OK. ‘Scuse me, but singing the Wacko’s America States and Capitals song and different Broadway hits isn’t exactly what keeps an elementary, MANDATORY choir’s attention through an entire, grueling, half hour practice.
  6. I’ve only swam since last summer and I’m more-or-less on par with other swimmers who’ve swam since elementary school. My main stroke is breaststroke (probably because it’s the “slow” stroke. I just like the up and down, fluidness of it that takes a while to perfect – like butterfly, only not so darn tiring). Not to toot my own horn or anything. Wink.
  7. “…Toot my own horn” is my absolute FAVORITE saying/figurative language/who knows what part of speech this is. And only my sister would know why. I like to say it. Maybe I like to talk about myself, and it just comes up often. Me? Self-centered? (#2 would be “Catch my drift?” Need to use that one a LOT to make sure the person I’m talking to is still awake. #3 would be one I’ve only just recently heard, and is a response to #2, “I’m picking up what you’re putting down.” It’s very reassuring to know that someone paid attention to what I explained.)

Well, as you may have guessed, I weaseled way more than 7 facts in there, but who cares, it’s MY blog. I count…16-ish facts in there. Oh well.

Step 3: Pass the award along to 5 deserving blogging buddies.

  1. Girlie Says What, come on down! You’re the first recipient of this fine and dandy award! If it weren’t for your fabulous comments and funny blog posts to keep me in the writing spirit, I don’t know what I would do! Do you know this girl goes through some posts, picks a letter and links to this blog every time that letter appears in the post?! Talk about support! Love ya! (girliesayswhat.blogspot.com)
  2. I read you on Freshly Pressed once, and subscribed! Splodin’ Pandas (And Other Mishaps), I choose you for this award as well. Your posts make me laugh and other times I think, “Wow, you read my mind!”. (http://splodinpandas.wordpress.com/)
  3. I read each of your posts, for your love of words is contagious! As a Linguist, you’re one of my picks for this award! As another blog I found on Freshly Pressed, you’ve taught me a lot about language just from reading your blog! (http://asalinguist.wordpress.com/)
  4. Another blog I read and think deserves this award is The Celebrationist. You HAVE to be versatile to celebrate a different holiday everyday! Your posts cheer me up! (http://thecelebrationist.wordpress.com/)
  5. And thank you for the witty quotes, Cappy at Writer’s block! You have the answer to everything. (http://bymyink.wordpress.com/)

4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Well, alright. See ya.


9 thoughts on “I got an award?

  1. AAAAAWWWWW YEAH. And, ahem, you used my quote out of context. You wouldn’t shut up about guitars the ENTIRE CLASS. Can you blame me for assuming that you’re sexually attracted to them?


  2. You are incredibly kind!! I am so glad that The Celebrationist is bringing you a small nugget of happiness. I too love basement smell. I also love bookstore smell and donut shop smell and ballet studio smell.

    And now I have to find bloggers to share this award with! You are indeed extraordinary!

    • Thanks so much! It’s funny how random scents actually make us happy. Bookstore smell is fantastic, especially when you open a very old book and smell the ancient pages!

  3. Hello there!
    I have recently recieved the award called “The Versatile Blogger”, and I’ve chosen YOU as an award-winner, too! There are a few basic rules to follow after getting this super-cool award. To start, the picture of the award is posted on my blog, http://www.girliesayswhat.blogspot.com. I would post it here, but it doesn’t let me paste pictures (frowny face). Here are the rules:
    1. After getting the award, you must recognize/thank the blogger who has given it to you.
    2. Next, share seven unknown facts about yourself.
    3. Recommend five deserving bloggers for the award.
    4. Let those bloggers know!
    Than you for following them rules, and congradulations!
    Girlie Says What

    • I’m loved! But I’m also lazy. So thank you, I’ll accept the award again, but I don’t think I can type all of that, again. Thanks!

  4. Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the award! It was a nice surprise to find when I got back to town. And I’m really glad to know that someone is enjoying the blog and learning about language at the same time. That’s exactly what I was hoping for when I started writing!

    It’ll be a few weeks before I pass the award along, so don’t think I’ve ignored it.

    Kudos to you, too, for your own blog. It’s nice to see you developing your writing at your age (my students are years older and many of them still can’t write as well). If blogs had existed when I was your age, perhaps I would have started sooner!

    • You’re welcome! And thanks, I’ve really enjoyed writing since I was in third grade – 7 years ago! So I’m hoping to become a writer whenever I possibly can.

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