I’ve been away…

A photo of The Thinker by Rodin located at the...

My thinking cap is more attractive than this guy's

I’ve been away for a LONG time. And it’s high time I justify this absence.

I’ve been thinking.

And I’ve come up with a plan. Since I have two distinct interests (c’mon people, music and writing) and have some trouble juggling the two and still wish to talk to you about them both, I’ve decided I will split them between two blogs. I’ll create a new blog and transfer all my music related posts over to that one, and talk solely about music (so that those who care only about what I have to say about music can go somewhere to see just that) and leave this blog for my writing. The new blog will hold Record Brews, news about my personal music pursuits, and anything I produce music-wise. The new old blog (this domain) will contain all of my stories, thoughts on language, anything literature-related I feel like venting about and miscellaneous opinionated thoughts. I realize any of my (very few) followers may feel a little disregarded in my switch since they’ll have to read TWO blogs now, not just one. And I don’t care! Read it if you like, or…don’t (like the entire world). I’m here if you’d like to read me, but I’ll still be writing if you don’t! Tune in whenever and I’m happy.

So, I’ll be away for a while more to sort out this transferring business and to come up with an interesting new domain name and set up each site to accommodate their respective topics and make ’em look spiffy. Hopefully this switch will lead to more posts and updates. And, any of my friends and fam who take time out of their days to scan my posts for undesirable language (MOM) and check on what I’m complaining about this time, thanks. And, if you wouldn’t mind, I’ve been a little low on hits and views…maybe a little advertising would be appreciated? I’d be happy to bargain with you in exchange for a few extra readers. ;D


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