Why I write

Well, it’s been a long time. I’ve been pretty engrossed with my musical interests, rather than this here blog.

And that stinks.

So, it’s time to update you. I had a bunch of crap due in school. Well, who cares about that. I got a new (used) Fender Deluxe 85 amp, replaced the strings on my guitar, and now I’m ready to go. All I wrote this whole time was this:

Why I write

I write, I’ve finally realized, to demonstrate the magic of reality. I love fantasy stories, foreign worlds, science fiction equally; however, what gets me is how much reality is unknown. People aren’t aware of the poetic nature of their own realities until they are very old — and even then, sometimes they don’t know or notice — and I’d love to write eye-openers. I feel so out of place in my generation, but I wouldn’t want to be in any other, and if I could create a link from the reality’s magic I speak of to my generation, I would be happiest. Sometimes, the most truthful stories are the historical fictions or fantasies. It’s people looking at things differently, and exposing themselves without even knowing it.

I also write to help me realize myself. Every time I sit down with a new idea, I find more of myself in the main character than the character herself! That makes me stumble through and crumple up stories over and over because I paint a picture I don’t like, or it’s too much like me. Finally, I discovered another reason I reject so many stories over and over: I thought that to be a writer (or what I believed I wanted to be – an author) I needed to write a novel, a really wide story. So I tried. And I thought it was fun — until I hit that Wall. I should have listened the first time I hit that Wall because it finally hit me back: I don’t like writing long stories. It doesn’t click with me. My ideas don’t even stretch long enough to cover a full story, anyway. These short stories I write on LBE, they are fun. (For some reason, I also LOVELOVELOVE editing. When the time comes to peer edit in school, I eat it up. Whoever gets me as a partner, they will have a A+ paper when I’m done.) I like change, and don’t like sitting still, so one little idea, one little explosion of creativity no longer than a chapter satisfies. I don’t have to write a novel; I just gotta write. Besides, I love giving my opinion (look at this blog; almost none of it is fiction, all my thoughts) so much, that a novel by me would be about a character just like me, going through the same things as me, feeling the same way as me, etc. Not cool. Plus, it’s simply difficult to write a story without music in it, which leads me to my next point…

Another reason I write is to reveal passion. I honestly believe it’s healthiest for a person to have something he or she absolutely loves to do. And could die doing, whether it’s like me (the written word and music) or something drastically different (100-meter-dash or astronomy). Life gains more worth once one sets his or her heart on a hobby that blows his or her mind (just as long as it isn’t violent…not good). It confuses me when I meet a nice person, and they seem really well rounded – good grades, nice family, lots of friends – and once I dig deeper, the only thing they can say to what they like to do is “hang with friends”, I am confused. “What do you do with your friends?” “Oh, talk and hang out!” I wonder what they imagine themselves doing as a career. I love hanging out with my friends and stuff, but I also harbor many interests. What do those people do when they’re alone? When all of their friend’s are busy? Watching TV is NOT a (acceptable) hobby. The only thing I can talk about with those people is pop-culture (which I know scarcely about. C’mon, I don’t listen to the radio! I’m not stylish! I don’t watch Teen Mom! The only thing close to pop-culture I know is SNL, some funny TV, and a select few Youtube videos.)

Well, that’s that.


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