WTF, man?

European bull in thought

according to Wikipedia, this is a European bull in thought. Wow.

(The F is for Fudge, duh! Sheesh, you dirty minds….)

Lately, I’ve had some trouble thinking.


I honestly never expected that that would happen – and that it would be super fantastic! But, so far, it’s annoying me. I try to write for ye olde blog readers and my own personal fun, alike, and I just…can’t. It just doesn’t sound quite right. Such as, I experienced my very first gig (ever) and I sat down, describing it for a blog post as well as I could, and ended up with a frown on my face and erasing the whole thing. What an exciting event completely wasted!

After simmering in my troubled-thinking state a while, I realized I knew the perfect diagnosis. I had all the symptoms!

(probably because I had made it up myself)

I summoned my inner physician and diagnosed myself with: Monthly WTF cycles. Or WTF Cyclical Disease. WTFCD. Don’t try to pronounce that out loud.

Now, this illness is not gender-, age-, situation-, or sanity-specific. It can occur to anyone. It can even attack in different increments – annually, weekly, daily, hourly (that may not be only due to WTF cycles…)!  It is basically a certain reoccurring time in one’s life that includes tell tale thoughts similar to these. I’ve broken them into categories:


  • Please…Let me wriiiiiiite…
  • Let me read a boooooook…
  • Let me play my guitaaaaar…uuuuuuke…
  • Let me sleeeeeeeep…
  • Let me stay up laaaaaaaate…
  • Let me thiiiiiink…
  • Let me stare at a wall and do absolutely nooothing…

Unrelated Questioning.

  • What is life? Why are humans cursed with consciousness?
  • What is the point of doing how we humans do?
  • I hate consciousness.
  • Wait, but how would we make music then? Write novels? Laugh?
  • Nooooo!
  • Dang it! C’mon!


  • You know what I hate? School. While at school, I could be writing, reading a book, playing music, listening to music, sleeping, having FUN…
  • The only class I find not-pointless is German. Because I like German. And because I currently am not taking any music classes.
  • I wonder if I can think in German.
  • Ich kann etwas nicht denken.
  • Why should I even shower? I’m so tired.
  • I think I’m good as long as I don’t smell…

You should get the picture by now.

Also, victims fall ill usually during a very exciting time in their lives! When so many fabulous things are occurring all at once, innocent people become victims from: the stress of not being able to seize all of those opportunities at the same time, everyday (maybe. I’m just guessing). Sometimes, those thoughts circle closer and closer until they wring their victims with the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” thoughts. Then, something brilliant happens, as they are plucked from this mess and the cycle repeats. This is continually sounding more and more depressing, but I assure you, it’s typical frustration with life. That I have named. *applause*

I hope I’m not the only sufferer of WTF Cyclical Disease. That would be really sad. But, a cure I may prescribe myself is taking another excursion-from-reality.

Dooooooooooii, wha?


2 thoughts on “WTF, man?

  1. I hate the name I put. I. Am. Running. Out. Of. Names.
    Anyway, this definitely happens to me, although it doesn’t happen when life gets crazy or full of opportunities. Rather, it happens as soon as I notice that the opportunites are thinning and things are going back to normal. Then, I’m like, “Where’d all my friiiiennds gooooo…” and “mehhhhh…”. It’s not my strong point.

    • Try harder! There are many names out there!
      Also, I agree. It sort of happens randomly, but it’s most annoying when it’s around a bunch of opportunities because I’m like, “What is wrong?! I should be pretty happy right now, why not?!”

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