Independent Young Thang

A dear friend and I decided to collaborate on writing something (no early reveals just yet!). Doing so has forced me to reflect upon my work ethic, since I will most likely have to alter it a smidge to accommodate her ethic and make writing together a fun and productive experience. Please remember that last thought if you ever wish to combine creative talents with someone – make deals, think a LOT (two solid hours of thinking today for the Collaboration. BAM), talk everything out in a variety of ways and say whatever you think; for example, if your partner suggests to you an idea that you won’t ever grow to love, reject it as soon as humanly possible and it will clear that future road-block here-and-now and not later-and-more-complicated. Make sure you both decide on an idea you both love equally or it will bore you to tears. *this goes for solo ideas too – make sure you love it (not even just a “I think it’s pretty cool”, it’s gotta be “HOLY WHIPPERSNAPPERS, THIS IS EXCELLENT!”) or you will hate it.*

Anyway, back on my original thought – my work ethic. Since I am most comfortable working solo (for I am an independent young thang), I find myself observing myself while doing something. However, whilst having to working adjacent someone in a project, my work ethics showed more brightly from comparison. I realized a few aspects of my mind – one of which I actually appreciate. I noticed how fast my mind works and am quite thankful for it. When any idea pops in my mind, I instantly analyze it, discard it, approve it, inspire it, coax it in the direction I want and refine it until I completely adore it or hate it and mentally set it aflame. This process happens more than necessary during any typical day, but I do appreciate it when it either, a) completes my dreadful homework at a fine rate of speed, or b) motivates a thought enough to turn it into a project that I actually finish (like this here blog. THAT was thanks to this process.) Other examples of this include: choosing music, purchasing items, writing stories, what to do when I am bored, if I should talk to this person or am I too strange, etc. The negative part of this process – the mental arson – also is appreciated in a sick way: I am allergic to baggage or unnecessary hanging-on to things (this excludes childhood collections, MOM. That stuff was cool in its own way.) like the Past, embarrassing moments (who wants to hang on to those, anyway), etc. Although, I have a memory very close to or alike a photographic memory, setting aflame annoying memories can be a struggle, but it can be done. It just requires a lot of solitary reflection and strange mental arguments. This may come across as a mental disorder, but I can assure you, this is all just how I think. I do not suffer from this: no matter how much I complain about my genius, I can guarantee you I secretly enjoy it. Not so secret, now….. Whatever.

Another thing I noticed is my attraction to older, more traditional (with a young-adult’s twist, of course) stories, characters, ideas. I don’t really like writing about people my age. Then again, I don’t really like people in general…Ah, who cares, I’m also a hypocrite. I also noticed how independent I am. And if my co-writer is to survive this collaboration, I must surrender my control halfway. (But definitely not all the way.) Lastly, though it makes me sad to say, I am a perfectionist – TO AN EXTENT. Take social studies class – heck, no, am I a perfectionist in that class. Not to insult the history buffs out and about, but history does NOT spark a single interest in any bone in my body. Nothin’. It probably has the opposite effect – it most likely freezes interest and shatters it before it can even touch me. Alas… But, writing – now that’s a different story. I read everything I write at least once (more like twice) before I even think of adding anything more. I edit something every time I read it, ask about 1,203 questions about the same thing, and I DON’T let anyone read it until I have approved it many shades and then some. Music is the same way: I gave myself a week for the audition I mentioned before because I would never be able to critique myself in only one day! (I just was notified there was an actual band the day before the auditions were – oops. But I was allowed some leeway.) I practiced all night, the same thing over and over – I really believed I was getting carpal tunnel because when I stopped each night, I thought my wrist was paralyzed – smart, huh? – and nevertheless, I cut away valuable sleeping time (you get to know how valuable sleep is when swimming) in hopes that I wouldn’t look like a fool for the band director. I went in the audition and made at least a dozen mistakes and I can’t remember more than one thing I did right (that one thing being IMPROV – heck, yes!) yet, I made it. I made the flamin’ jazz band, was told through my teacher that I had the best swing style (whaaaat? Where’d that come from? I guess it’s just natural. *conceited hair-flip*), and after I thought I murdered the chords I had frustrated my poor wrist over, he said I did awesome. That I really had the style, or something. I’m pretty sure my face was priceless, I was so surprised. Nevertheless (you can see how much I like that word – it’s three words in one!), I thought I could have done better, but thank you, Lucky Stars, it’s over. What a relief. Now, I’ve got to find something else to labor over…


3 thoughts on “Independent Young Thang

  1. Well Sam – So honest in this blog. They just keep getting better and better!
    You are an old soul. I think you know that. Keep tapping into the parts of you that want to be heard. It’s important. You are on the right track and you have jumped on the train of life, pick and choose the stations you want to stop at and investigate. You are going to make this world a better place. I Love you always Mom.

  2. Well…I can really tell that you’re quite the professional. Your words and phrases really create a soft, enjoyable tune that would and probably is enjoyed by everyone. It is clear that you are a musician at heart, and yet, can “play” your words just as well as you can with your guitar. Well done! The article that really spoke to me was the one about being busy so you have to need to write. This is so, COMPLETELY true and I am in the same position. I agreed with every word of it, and it could not have been better. Really, awesome job!

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