Ah, I can smell spring a-comin’!

Well, sorry about my lil’, er, fib about the “almost daily posts” … It didn’t work out too well. But what I do have for you is a happier me, ready to post my mighty-fine heart out because I’ve got lots to be happy ’bout:

I took a German exam (that cost $5, mind you) and ranked 35 out of 419 students in my general area! *celebration*

The Strokes are coming out with a new album on March 22nd! They are scheduling tour dates, too! Ehmahgawd!

Swimming is ending this Saturday and although it will be painful to see a chunk of my team graduate and not see the rest until next year, I will have a life! And more time to post! YUHS!

Midterms, assessment are almost done, if not already over by the time you read this…

and I’ve got an audition coming up…It’s gonna be intense…maybe (wink).

Enjoy this week because I sure will! Hallelujah!


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