Freedom! (at least, the way I see it.)

The worst time to have a busy schedule is upon us: the Winter after winter break. Driving isn’t too good. When I do have free time, it’s usually spent cooped up in the toasty abode of my choice. And, of course, this is the time when my schedule thickens. Great. But, before getting too down in the dumps with it, I decided to cheer myself up with a handy-dandy countdown. My schedule is like a churning stew, on the brink of readiness, but not quite. It’s thickening. But, with the help of good ole sweet time, it shall thin out, be consumed and be done with. Ingredients include the seemingly never-ending swim season (only four more meets left. I’m relieved it’s finishing, but I will miss it a little. I’ve gotten so used to not really having a life. But at least I have rockin’ teammates and have improved a bit in my stroke of choice: breaststroke.), the fabulous Mid-terms, and a graduation assessment (even though I’m a freshman…). All shall come to a close more or less on February 19th. This grants a celebration. In celebration, I’ll probably unveil some previous writings. (Ooh, how suspenseful!) But, in the meanwhile, I’ll try to update almost daily with things I stumble upon, accomplish, forget, remember, find or create along the way. So, for now, T-minus 20 days until FREEDOM. At last. *sigh*

…and remember, after Freedom comes, more blog updates will come more frequently due to a cleared up schedule. Unless, I suddenly become normal…


4 thoughts on “Freedom! (at least, the way I see it.)

    • I know. It’s not only school, though, it’s the crazy schedules that we suddenly have to change even more in the (frequent) event of a snow day, assessment work day, etc. But thanks for commenting!

  1. i LOVE the idea of having a celebration. HEY SAM, WE SHOULD PLAN ONE! subtle, raight? so do you like how i keep changing my name? i do. so anywho, rock on, mahn, and keep on being your SCRUMTRULESCENT SELF.

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