On Saturday, I woke up and found my notebook with my elaborately drawn reminder to work on a group project on my bedside table where I left it. I flipped to a blank page and heard a sentence in my head: The reason I can’t see right now is… I went to ignore it, but stopped and thought, Wait. I am a writer. Why am I ignoring this? Sure, there is no story behind this sentence, but there could be. Write it. And something will come.

And something did. What came is an experiment with being very descriptive while being very vague. I am quite proud of just how scrumtrulescent it really is. (By the way, Will Ferrel fans, scrumtrulescent is ignored by the spell check on WordPress. Yes!) It doesn’t make much sense, but it was fun to write (while I had homework still undone.) Enjoy!


A reason I’m not able to see right now is: it’s dark. Very dark.

However, I do see very well with my ears. I pick up a sweet but melancholy tune streaming through the atmosphere to my pathetic ears, strongly at first but eventually shaking like a sob. I want to seek out The Source of this woeful melody, comfort it, like I am a helpless paperclip under an industrial magnet: I can’t help but be drawn to it. The only problem is that I am unable to determine what, exactly, is having the emotional experience of emitting this musical tale – a voice? an instrument? a recording? It bothers me; my ears are groping for the tell-tale evidence of the thing that produces such an enticingly gloomy piece. So fiercely that they begin to ache – but only as if I were stretching them out after a much-needed rest. It feels good to be back.

I let my ears take the lead. I take one step and my foot already hooks under an obstacle and I blindly flail and face-plant on the floor. Rats! I hop up and decide to shuffle with my hands in the lead instead. The tune picks up as I feel a knot surfacing on my forehead and kneecap. The Source sounds like it has recovered from its dismal carol and the air balloons with the music’s forceful conclusion. Then, it begins all over again.

More stumbling brings me to a door with a slice of yellow light peering out from underneath, behind which, the miserable song weeps at a suspenseful volume, almost anticipating my anticipation. I close my under-worked eyes and welcome the darkness of surprise. I try not to think and savor the flavor of accomplishment as I grab a hold of the doorknob.


5 thoughts on “Ears

  1. WOOOOOW mahn that’s sum in-tense writing raight there. I lurved it! It’s so descriptive, yet vague! AND YOU USED SCRUMTRULESCENT IN THE INTRO! my life is now complete.

    • Thanks Clare! (daughter) Well, I woke up in the morn Saturday, wrote half, worked with you on our project, wrote some more and topped it off with a dash of editing on Sunday and voila! A story is born!

    • Mom, I entirely MEANT to leave you hanging. It was the point of the story. And besides, I couldn’t think of a good enough shocker and I was satisfied with a vague cliff-hanger. Oh, I am so cruel…

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