Guest Blog Post!


I have been contemplating the idea of guest posting for a long while and have finally acted upon it. On this very Saturday in January 2011, from the lavender depths of Girlie Says What, I give to you my “stylish friend” from my previous post: Maddie S!


Salutations, loyal readers and LBE-followers. My name is Maddie if you recently tuned in. I’m quite psyched to be pleasing you with my vast amount of gnarly language. Sam is currently leaning against my dresser, playing a totally rad gee-tar like no tomorrow (although most likely she’ll be jamming tomorrow, too). We’re listening to one of my favorite songs, Take a Picture by Filter. I personally think it’s freakishly funky, but she is far more interested in turning fingers and frets into lovely harmonies. IN CASE YOU WANNA KNOW, Sam is wearing the best freakishly funky shirt in, probs, the galaxy. It’s a lovely royal blue with pictures of the heroes of our century, Finn and Jake, from the show Adventure Time! If you aren’t a fan of such a show, then leave. Right now, please. Finn and Jake are pretty much the icing on the cupcake. The crown on the queen. The hat on the penguin. Catchin’ my drift? I guess I will talk a bit about myself now, since you, fellow reader, are probably getting bored of my rambling analogies. Okay.

I have two dogs. They’re very skinny. Almost annoyingly so. Sam came over, saw them, and was like “Yelp!”. I sort of chuckled, but don’t tell her that. They’re bro and sis, just like me and my brother. OH MY GOSH, I just pulled one over on you, dear reader! I’M AN ONLY CHILD! Oh, dear reader, I feel like we’re BFFLs. I mean, we’ve had so many laughs in this entry. Did we know each other in another life? Anyways, let’s move on. NEWS UPDATE: Sam’s gotten a hold of my iPod, and every once and a while she shrieks and says: “HOLY CHEDDARBALLS! You have _______ (insert super cool song title here)!!” It’s funny. Right now Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean is blasting through my iHome speakers. I’m not protesting.

So, dear friend (I’ve gone from “reader” to “friend”, because of our close-threaded relationship), I was watching the show Millionaire Matchmaker this morning, and I was laughing a lot because there was a rich woman who wanted a husband, so she went to this fancy-shmancy lady and said “give me a husband, here’s a couple million” and the lady was all “‘K thanks honey!” and she gave the rich woman all these men to choose from and the woman settled on this total creep who was like “hehehe…hi” and it was quite bad. Just saying.

I think, dear friend, that I will leave you now. It was great talking with you. I hope to see you soon, please. How about Monday? Coffee? Lunch? Scones? Gimme a call and we’ll set it up, okay? *wink* Bye…for now :)

Love, Maddie


2 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post!

  1. Hi Sam and Maddie! Happy to see your updating the blog :D
    And yes P and M are really quite quite skinny. They need to put some meat on those doggy bones!

  2. OMG, there are more people out there that think like you? What is this world in for? What is my old age in for? A BLAST that’s what. Can’t wait for more! Love you Sam

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