New Year’s Eve

***a true story about myself, in the point of view of myself, on…yesterday***

(very, very exciting)

Midnight was crawling closer and closer every moment (dur-dur). It felt like an anticipated deadline rushing towards me, hurrying me to complete this year, for it would be my last time to do anything in 2010…forever. All before 12 am. A lot of pressure for a couple of hours…

Something compelled me to listen to this deadline – and finish this year. So first, I did some wicked thinking, reviewing my past year in a quick mental movie:

My 2010 began literally as a winter wonderland – snow thickly coated the area; preventing school and sports, but providing days of down-time, sleeping in, and time for friends to get together. T’was grand! (Because God knows how I love my sleep – and despise what steals it away.) When the snow melted, and we returned to (ugh) school, we realized just how hard it was going to be getting used to writing the new date and discussing the upcoming “Summer-oh-….ten?”. After that, my class endured the seemingly thousands of assemblies “preparing” us for graduation from middle school. As some tears were shed at the thought of growing up and leaving friends, I was secretly whispering “HALLELUJAH!” and “Praise the Lord, praise Jesus, whoever’s out there, THANK YOU,” for I was getting out of middle school and finally beginning the rest of my life. Middle school was coming to a close and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Soon, my old house sold and we rushed to find a new location. Negotiating and stressing all the way, we found one and commenced our packing-rampage, since our deadline was August 20. Another dream came true when I joined a swim team for the first time. I walked there every week-day of the summer till August and had a blast getting the best tan and the most muscle I’ve ever had, and a new friend who’s almost weirder than me (she’s way cool, however, so don’t mess). There was the graduation dance and the last day of school in my old town. I realized how lucky I was to have met the people I’ve known since second grade and the surprising new friends I made doing track-and-field (NARNIA!). I even received a super-rad penpal from Deutschland (where else??) and email her all the time.

However, it was time to pack that all up and skedaddle.

On August 19, the movers gathered all of our belongings and shoved them into a big truck, a pick-up truck, and our two cars. (It almost didn’t all fit!) My sister and I slept on the floor of her room that night and entertained ourselves with music and this crappy game I found on my laptop called JewelQuest (Indiana Jones meets solitaire meets LAME/addicting – don’t ask). The 20th presented itself as an exhausting day, beginning early and full of never-ending hustle-and-bustle. But soon, I realized, it was all worth it. I made friends with some of the coolest people – like my talented artist friend, my super-stylish friend, my new guitar teacher, and so many other groovy people who aren’t online!!!

After Thanksgiving, the year slid by at lightning speed, since the high school swimming season started, the first marking period of school ended, and Christmas break came around with a generous helping of snow, and I found myself at the end of 2010 pleased with my year.

As my mental-movie concluded, something, I don’t know what, but something fired me up about this new year. Not enough to party the night away by myself or anything, but enough to inspire me to have my 2011 begin on the right foot, a clean foot, an inspired foot. So, naturally, I began a cleaning frenzy. I put away all my clothes, put all my books on the bookshelf, put all my jewelry away, and organized all my shoes, bags, and swim equipment. I guess I tidied up to welcome the New Year like a new neighbor or honored guest. Like, hello, kind sir, would you like to stay awhile? I’ve got tea and crumpets and cakes and cheeses…No? Would you care for some water, then, squire? …Naw. That’s weird. At least I got a kick out of it…

***the end***

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Beautifully written & very inspirational! I really enjoyed reading this post. You are a talented writer. Keep on blogging & Happy New Year!

  2. I WAS MENTIONED I WAS MENTIONED IWASMENTIONED!! i am very very grateful that i am dubbed the “stylish” friend. oh gosh. that was me, wasn’t it? oh no! i just had an all-caps celebration for no reason! well, we all know it couldn’t be jenna…hahaha. ha. maybe it really is me! hope so! the artistic one is…clare? yup, clare. HHMMMMM, I WONDER WHO THE GUITAR TEACHER IS. LET ME THINKA MOMENT. i just know you too well, miss sam. k bye now. PS: im addicted to this blog! i read it as much as i can, really! k bye now.

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