Welcome back, self!

Oh golly, has it been long since I have posted on here! Well, erm, belated Happy Holidays to all of you and all that jazz. I have been hard at work thinking (yes, ’tis hard work) and decided on a New Year’s Resolution for LBE! (I do hope you all know what that stands for…and no, not Lead-bismuth eutectic) I will be trying something new and (I’ll wager) more entertaining, so without further ado…….(drum roll… dun-DAH!) Next post, and hopefully, the rest of my posts, will be in short-story form! I will think of an idea (trust me, I will….and already have) and with luck, I will express it in a little tale of my creation. The stories could be all completely different, there could be some extra chapters, whatever, who knows? I sure don’t, so for the time being, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I will attempt a story soon.


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