Mightier than the sword!

I like words. They are important. Not only to talk. Lord, no, not only for talking. But for writing. For reading. For singing. For learning. For expressing. (I know that sometimes I don’t use only words for expressing – random mumbles and wild gestures and confusing facial expressions – but bear with me. You can’t see any of that on here anyway, now can you?) Written words are my favorite.

I read this somewhere: If “actions speak louder than words”, then why is “the pen mightier than the sword”? I have got the answer. You see, actions speak louder than spoken words. Hence: actions speak. The pen is mightier than the sword because one can do so much damage without even touching – no, without even coming anywhere near someone else – unlike a sword. Both require proper usage and a bit of mastery – you can’t just fling about a sword and hope it clips someone… Well, you could but it would just make you look like a lunatic with a sword – but most people use words everyday. If they really thought about it, they could slice with their own written words. Think of the exaggerated and twisted “quotes” used against people – mostly politicians – of how one can get away with all that, and how that is quite different from if that lunatic-with-a-sword took a swing at some politician – here comes the police! Plus, written words can be used for good, too. And for business. And for recreation. And for EVERYTHING. Anyone who is literate can use their words whenever. Not everyone carries a sword and not everyone (edit: no one) can use a sword non-chalantly and blend in (e.g. spreading peanut butter on bread with a sword. Insta-maniac!). Unless you are a ninja, you can’t use a sword as “anonymous” or under a pseudonym, either. The only loophole in this entry is that if one is in an attack situation and has a sword at his/her disposal, I would highly recommend using it. I would NOT recommend that one to take out a computer or paper and write a strongly-worded persuasive essay to persuade his/her attacker to not kill him/her. Use the sword. Please.


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