Alles Über Mich!!

As you may or may not know, I LOVE questions. Asking them, being asked them (especially the latter). And,  throughout the first week of school, all of my teachers handed out those interview-type papers to “get to know you better” made me feel exceedingly interesting and cool. (Thank God we didn’t play any name-games or anything embarrassing like that.) They asked about all your favorite things, your work-ethic, your future plans, your goals, etc. Most of the pages were the same questions, but, after answering them so many times, I realized that I have many different aspects of myself. I don’t have a multiple personality disorder, but I feel like I have a couple different alter-egos. However, I feel like I am put together like a puzzle rather than blended like a smoothie.  But, like my love of Coldplay, some of my interests exist in my other alter-egos, so maybe I am like a patch-y coat, where different scraps of fabric overlap each other…Either way, these are the definite alter-egos that make up my personality (in no particular order):

  • The Scholar/Writer: One of my alter-egos seems to be the super academically smart girl. The one who loves challenging work, the one who aspires to write for a living, the one who reads a LOT. Although, this alter-ego keeps on the down-low, stays the “shy one,” everyone wants her in their group for projects because she knows a lot. She has neat hand-writing, keeps her supplies fiercely organized and usually sports a pony-tail. She finds inspiration and meaning in many things and constantly thinks out of the box. This alter-ego will bring me an academic award or something.
  • The Musician: This one is the girl who craves one-on-one time with her ax all the time. She spends weekends working on the same part of a song over and over again and is determined to find some band-mates in the near future. This girl will analyze videos of her favorite artists time after time trying to get the “real TAB” for the song. She looks at endless websites for the perfect band tee, spends too much time surfing the web for new music and listening to almost every song in existence by a particular artist and overall obsesses over the phenomena you humans call “music.” But that word means more than just sound to her, but she’ll never be able to tell you what it does mean because by now, you should know how utterly horrible she explains things (in a way no one understands for anyone who isn’t aware). If you want a short conversation with her, do NOT mention Coldplay.
  • The Eccentric One: The one thing you should know about her is that she doesn’t make any sense. Not in a way that she seems stupid, just so that she seems on another dimension. Don’t try to understand what she is saying. Never ask her questions if you would like to just stay acquaintances. She will launch into an idea or explanation that will confuse you the same way it confuses her. A LOT. Everything is of interest to her and everything is a question that needs to be answered.  Everyday poses a new question that is entirely irrelevant to anything, probably isn’t an important fact needing to be known, and is  just plain weird. She sees things that other people don’t (not dead people, just observations). If you want a challenging conversation, strike on up with her!
  • The Adventurer: The Adventurer is the “other” one. She likes trying new things, getting a thrill, challenging herself and achieving goals. Her likes include: roller coasters, strange movies that make you think about them afterward, things that make no sense (The Eccentric One!), and adventures. Outside is the best place for her entertainment. This girl is hoping to accomplish: speaking to someone entirely in German, travel around the world, sky dive and get an autograph from a famous person in person. You’ll know her when you see her.
  • The Athlete: Lots of people have one of this alter-ego. It usually comes out during a sports competition. So, nothing special here. Although, I have had thoughts of becoming a famous soccer player/swimmer, but they are not the priority…once again, this one is an obvious one. Even though she doesn’t come out much, I know she’s there.
  • The Comedian: I know for a fact my sister would question this one’s existence. But I know it’s there! I know it! I would not be so sure if people didn’t laugh at my jokes! Now, this one is sort of rare too, but more active than the Athlete (um, that’s ironic). Sometimes, I just get on this roll…and, well, I’m HILARIOUS. I know you’re thinking, but her posts aren’t funny at all! What? but that is not the intention. But if you do find this amusing, good for you, I think. This alter-ego also has a fab radar for funny people, movies, songs, videos, books, shows and websites, so if you’re in need of a good laugh, she’s got media and herself to entertain you!

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