Oh, Come ON!

I always feel like I’m invading a dog’s privacy when it relieves itself in front of me. I mean, when I’m told to take my dog out to get her to go, well, you know, I can’t help but feel like a creeper watching her. But, for some reason, that special, precious moment of a dog’s day has been forced upon me for a couple weeks now. Almost every dog I’ve seen out on a walk has been leaving its owner a lovely surprise right there on the grass, in front of my very eyes! (Almost, thank you Lord! God bless that little scruffy white dog at WalMart.) From large Labrador types down to those cute, little terriers and all in between! Now, since the image has been thrust upon me so many times, I no longer look the other way to protect my well-being and respect the dogs’ privacy, I just throw my hands in the air and shout — or, in the case of strolling somewhere public, fiercely mumble — “Oh, come ON!! My, God!”

I have drawn two conclusions on this topic as to why it might keep happening:

I began pondering if this could mean bad luck for me. I mean, there ain’t much worse than poop (of the dog kind) shown to you a LOT. So, I took this as a way of being “dumped on.” Like the Universe was telling me, “Right now, you’re worth that. Yeah, that.” I was only joking about it being a personal thing, since I’m not too superstitious or anything, but I mainly thought of it as an annoying thing. Or the Universe was preparing me for something in the future. Oh. God. No.

Then, I looked at it differently, thinking back to my first post. I realized those dogs were similar to me. They were in desperate need of a “dumping.” Only mine is metaphorical. ANYWAY, I thought, Golly, maybe they’re encouraging my mental dumpings! Saying to me, “Look, Sam, I can dump, so you can, too! Go ahead! I dare you! …Okay, well maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but what the hey? I can interpret things however I want. So, dump away, little dogs! I will, too! …Mentally!


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